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  1. Tbe game crashes everytime i try to load U18 highlights...im Spurs but must be the same for all?
  2. you are 100% right about the target man,,,,,as I changed to advanced forward and the full backs did stop blasting up field to a certain extent.....I play attacking as that's what Levy wants......im certainly not criticising the game at all....loving it just trying to learn...though been playing since cm96........one very last question...will some player attributes be adjusted in jan transfer update do you know?
  3. what mean is would like my defenders to play shorter passes,and my midfielders direct....so set my full backs to shorter passing on a team instruction of direct passing....but all my full backs do is constantlty blast it up the field....hence my original question of what over rides what.....
  4. so if I set my team instructions to direct passing and my plyers to short passing you are saying it will be somewhere in between?
  5. ok cheers......and no that wasn't hard
  6. what I mean is.....both team and player instructions are basicly the same.........so don't see the point in using both really?
  7. so if I leave my team instructions as not closing down at all.....but instruct certain individual players to close down that will work?
  8. what over rides what?......team instructions or player instructions
  9. yeah maybe i went a bit over the top there but that situation can get extremely frustrating,apart from that i find it an excellent game,will try again monday as do miss it,update or not
  10. yeah ive heard it is,apart from that the game is well good,just that one situation for me,proper aggravating
  11. yeah,i dont see it as being sometimes,its every time in clear cut crossing situations,they actualy beat the defender then turn round to face them and try to get a corner,goes off for a goal kick,does my nut in
  12. you are surprised??????,i think its a MAJOR issue,going back to FM13,but if its being worked on i wait with bated breath,realy hope its very soon,miss playing it.
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