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  1. It’s a weird one, basically I get asked for 100% contribution from every player I bid for - from league one, two and the national league. To add to the frustration other teams in my league are happily loaning players with 0% contribution. So I do think this is a bug. Just tried a new save to see if it was a one off and am getting the exact same problem. Anyway I’m persisting with it! Well done on getting promoted with Welling btw, they’re down in 15th in my save!
  2. I fully get the concept of negotiation! It's more that in previous versions of the game, when managing in the non league, league one and league two clubs would be happy to loan you players without a wage contribution in exchange for playing time - which is incredibly important with how small the wage budgets are (Oxford City in the VNS only has a £2,600 wage budget). However in this, and in not sure if it's intentional or not, no one is willing to loan even their youngsters out for less than full wage contribution (I did try and put it to 0 and get laughed out the door...). I've started the season with a squad of 15 players and 3 reserve players, going to be tough!
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but in previous Fms I’ve been able to sign players on loan without having to pay wages. But in this each team is insisting I pay full wages, with Oxford Cities wage budget that means I can’t loan anyone
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