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  1. Excuse any apparent ignorance and no disrespect intended but wouldn't the Liverpool/Man City squad win the league regardless of tactic used so using them as a test doesn't prove how good or bad the tactic is ?
  2. using that tactic i promise you i never changed anything , straight out the box as is . i left all team talks to AM unless at half time i thought they needed telling so used aggressive but that was it . Aside from the odd shout of demand more during the game i just watched for substitutions
  3. that was 22/23 season , started the game with Sicilian which got me promoted to Prem easily enough but either through the poor players i had or bought just struggled to kick on . Saw Davy's post on page 99 about the success he was having with 3 saves using it i thought i'd restart the season with it and never looked back . Had been fortunate that all the previous tactics i'd tried before Sicilian i'd noted all the best youth and fringe players at decent prices so when Sicilian got me promoted i was buying well and they fitted well into the new tactic i guess . Still had a small sq
  4. It just won me the Prem playing as Derby County , only lost 3 in the league all season
  5. it's DavyDepuydt1 tweaked version of TIME from page 99 i think it's on , a 433 originally
  6. Don't think so , nobody but me and another seem to have shown any interest in it but for me there's no altering home or away , no worrying about changing bits and bobs , simple plug'n'play . Im now at the end of the 1st season using it and top the Prem , had a major wobble due to injuries and a wafer thin squad but seem back on track , will finish in Champ League places at least
  7. i'm having the same feeling Chris , not having to worry much about home or away tactic just keep an eye on the players on the day . Don't have to be too afraid to pull a slacker off even in the 1st half as and change seems to be positive , even the old FM19 adage of giving them a roasting at half time even if winning 1-0 seems to work and they kick on in the 2nd . Not being naive to think i'll win the League but the foundation of snapping up young talent in the 1st season is paying dividends now as the top teams are sniffing round them but hoping a top 3 or 4 finish will enable me
  8. Still going strong with this , now 20 unbeaten in the Prem and sitting top in February . Nothing changed at all just a simple plug'n'play
  9. i guess still with no matter which tactic is 1 , 2 or 3 it depends on the players you have or can afford . For arguments sake it'd be no good having a back 5 if the league you're in is short on CB's you can attract . I think i was fortunate enough that Sicilian worked wonders for my save up until getting promoted to the Prem when I or it struggled . Obviously when gaining a promotion recruitment is key and i perhaps never got the necessary upgrade in player right . That was until i tried the 433 tweaked version of knap's TIME by DavyDepuydt1 . Suddenly it suited who i had and although i've not
  10. i've used as is and as you'll see from my post above it's gone ok so far . I've altered nothing at all and just skip pre match briefing then react on the day as the game goes along
  11. still going well thanks Davy , a game or two where substitutions were key but i'm more than happy at the minute
  12. That's the difference , we like to play with any Club and test the tactic . Pretty certain you'd still win the French league as PSG using any tactic the game gives you by default
  13. As has been said you are playing as a Club that really doesn't lose anyway in that league , play as the bottom Club and it becomes worth looking at as a benchmark
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