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  1. just finished season 1 with them. no signs of a youth team on the horizon i dont think
  2. Any chance of a Partick Thistle one with the masking off please Be good to give the old firm a run for there money
  3. explain how you done it step by step if ur saying its a flaw
  4. My transfers were delayed for a week as i didnt have enough funds available.... so dont know how you managed it
  5. When you use the editor and give urself a massive transfer budget
  6. 125 million in the first season? How did you manage that?
  7. I've just started up a game with Salford myself.... Will update properly late but the left back I have went for is..... Gideon Adu-Peprah looks pretty decent for this level and is only 18 ex Man City and Newcastle youth academy player.
  8. Just bought the game tonight and it comes up with steam server unavailable check internet connection. all connections are fine as I am able to post this. the server must also be fine if I was able to download the game after purchase anyone else had this?
  9. I played him in 3 positions..... Advanced Play MakerAttack but in the CM position .... Box2Box and Inside Right forward performed well in them all
  10. I started a game with Peterborough sold him to Southampton for £15m with a 50% profit of next sale clause with a loan back.... then at end of season one i got him on a 2 year loan deal.... couldnt believe they agreed to it
  11. Quick update.... After sitting top of the league at the half way point.... I knew it wouldn't last forever. A sever dip in form has seen a bad run of games from Jan to march has seen us slip to 7th just sitting out side the play off spot with a game in hand that could see us rise up to 3rd. Results [/url League table There was no incomings in the January window just one leaving with Frotune signing for Bury for 55k It wasn't all Doom n Gloom there was a little something to celebrate. So with 7 games left its all to play for.... Not too sure if I want to go up this season as I don't feel the team is ready, too many loan players and with a few injuries I have been unable to field a full subs bench at times. So I can only imagine it would be an uphill struggle in the championship but we will see where I end up very soon. TBC
  12. Took a few players on trial that have all just finished playing in the Indian league.... has anyone had any dealings with any of them? if so were they any good?
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