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  1. Hello, I have set the starting day of the season on 1st of July 2017 and I get a message if I want to send the first team to a training camp in June. I accept and players return in June instead of July. Is this a bug? I guess that I should have the flexibility to set the training camp days after the end of the season break and not on a fixed date which is irrelevant to the selection I had already made for the season break.
  2. Dynamic league for dynamic league TV rights money, prizes and sponsorships. YES!
  3. I have seen that once. It has to be a bug.
  4. Everything is great with the new skin, but where are the nation and club european rankings and coefficients with the detailed year coefficients for the last 5 years. These should be in the game. I am in a desperate need to know how many teams are qualifying next year for the european competitions...
  5. 1. Sounds in FM are not on the same level as the other aspects of the game. One idea would be to listen referee whistles more loudly. Clapping more clear. In general, sounds to be more clear than now where it sounds like noise. 2. Also, for Champions League and National games I would love to have the option to listen the anthems and see badges around the stadium. 3. SI please improve stadiums and crowds. It has been a nice addition, but I think is not difficult to put in the database if a stadium is an olympic one, or if it has one level, two or three levels of stands. 4. Make referee decisions more random, in particular offsides and even fouls, yellow cards etc. I want refeeres to make bad decisions in order for me to watch and watch over the replays to make my own decision.
  6. I have installed the game through steam. I see acheivements unlocking, but I cannot find them... sorry if it has already been asked.
  7. It is happenned to me in my demo game with Sagna. The board could not resist an offer of 7m... it is a bug.
  8. Best FM version ever!

    I just want to state that my expextations have been fullfilled! I hope they are not any postal strikes in UK on the release date...
  9. This is just a thread to express my appreciation to the developers about the FM10 version which is the best by far so far. Tacticts have improved a lot. The match experience and the backroom staff advice a lot more. Congratulations!
  10. One question... will this affect the processing time and how often the game interrupts? The more news you have, the less days go by when you click continue? and the longer will take to process? thanks!
  11. Is the club reputation changing with the years according to the club's performance or is it constant? If not a strong team from a second-rated leaugue wins the Champions League, is it able to sign the best players in the world or not?
  12. Mirror Football blog no.2

    I love the monthly meetings! This is something really good! More information about your team in a monthly base. I hope for middle-class teams, the recommendations are still reliable. Assistant managers become more important than ever.
  13. FM2010 blogs - day 1

    What it really matters is to improve the match atmosphere, the match engine and the tactics. This is where SI should focus on FM10. This feature is a good addition for the game. Waiting fot the tomorrow's blog.
  14. FM2010 announcement

    Will the stadiums around the pitch show crowd in FM10? It would be great to be able to see the attendance from the 3D.
  15. Weather is not realistic in some countries. For example in Athens Greece, during winter a large percentage of matches is played on show. This is not realistic at all. In Athens, it snows once per year at most, and the possibiliites this to be during a weekend is small. Also, snow in Athens does not last more than 1 day since it melts down very quickly. Is this the case for other countries?