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  1. yeah that was my issue, cheers
  2. any particular reason?
  3. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Belhadj Your Team: Portsmouth Buyer/Seller: AC Milan Player's Value: 3.7m Offer: 7m Transfer/Wage Budget: 411k / 420k Patch: 10.3 Season: 1st (January Window) P.s. I will only be getting 30% of the money so will be harder to find replacement
  4. Should you adjust any tactics for example mentality when playing away or when heavy underdogs?
  5. Does nobody else find this tactic concedes loads of goals!?
  6. I tried this and unfortunately it doesn't work.
  7. He has already played for 2 teams when I signed him
  8. Is it possible to change a player's status so he is no longer ineligible? Cheers
  9. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Fabiano Santacroce Your Team: Napoli Buyer/Seller: Inter/Wolfsburg/Zaragoza Player's Value: £6.25m Offer: £6.25m Transfer/Wage Budget: £40m/£800k p/w Patch: 10.2 Season: 2nd
  10. Here you go! Paiva isn't far from... and would only be a 'good' serie A player. Muniain has potential to play similar level... and would be a 'leading' serie A player. Both from same scout and both compared to Quagliarella!
  11. yeh, making it even more confusing
  12. yeh they are the same player..
  13. that's what I would have as well. Only the isn't far from having..... comment always comes with the decent league player, whereas similar level comment says he will be a leading league player. This is why i'm unsure about it.
  14. I'm a little confused about how to judge a scout's comment on a player's potential after getting a scout report on him. What I want to know is which comments are better than others, e.g. 'isn't far from having the required potential to be better than xxxx' OR 'has the potential to play at a similar level to xxxx'. The reason for this is I would have presumed that 'isn't far from having the required potential to be better than xxxx' would mean he has more potential than 'to play at a similar level'..... however the second comment about being a 'leading player' in the division as opposed to a 'decent player', contradicts this. So if someone could explain to me which of these comments is better, or rank the scout's potential comments in some way, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  15. Yeh it does but the screen is constant flickering