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  1. I have a huge issue come up that hopefully someone can shed some light on. I started my first attempt at a San Marino Challenge a few days ago and things have gone really well so far. Securely in Serie A with European Football to look forward to. The training & youth facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment have all been upgraded over the years to a good level. Additionally U18s coaches are all at a 4-5 star level and I hired Wim Jonk as HOYD. All good, right? Not really. You see, in the early years I was producing some very good Sammaranise regens, a couple of whom are breaking through into the first team. Nowadays, despite all the investment in staff and facilities, the only good regens I'm producing are Italians: http://imgur.com/GzCf71h What's going on? TLDR: Used to produce quality San Marino regens, now can only produce quality Italian regens.
  2. First choice / Second Choice. Everyone under 21 sent out on loan, the others sold. Managed to get 700k for Vesseli! GK - Hansen / Gerken DL - Parr / Mings DCL - Smith / Blackett (on loan) DCR - Berra / Chambers DR - Vilsvik / Hewitt ML - Stevanovic / Hunt MCL - Hyam / Tabb MCR - Collison / Skuse MR - Eagles / Anderson SCL - McGoldrick / Sanogo SCR - Murphy / Sammon
  3. Currently using Mr U Rosler's APEX PREDATOR tactic to great effect. Only half way through the first season and already running away with the league. Just a few additions: Vilsvik (DR), Hansen (GK), Stevanovic (ML), Eagles (MR) and Sanogo (SC) on loan. COYB!
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