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  1. Out of interest, why do you train your players to ‘Play simple passes’? Isn’t the point of playing ‘Balanced’ Mentality that you don’t want to restrict their passing so that they pick the best option?
  2. I have found that this tactic is drastically better defensively when playing with CBs who are 6"3+ and have 15+ pace.
  3. When scouting young players (16/17 year-olds), what would you look for in terms of stamina and workrate? A minimum of 13 for stamina and 13 for workrate?
  4. I've started a new game with Ajax using this tactic. The aim is to win the CL with an academy/Dutch 11. First season I signed Dirk Kuyt, Pablo Aimar... Jonathon Walters as tutors
  5. I have found that the AM(A) plays very high up during the build-up phase (pretty much alongside the striker at times, breaking the midfield diamond). I have changed this role to AP(A) and I find that it works well. The AP(A) plays a little deeper, links the play extremely well and helps maintain more of a diamond in midfield.
  6. Regarding your TI's: Is there a reason why you don't use 'Work Ball Into Box'?
  7. Wonderful, wonderful post. I have been trying to recreate this tactic for the past few years on FM. I have copied your tactic and it works great. However, I have made a tweak to mine which I think works really well. I dropped the DLP(D) back to the DM strata. I think dropped the AM(A) back to the CM strata (making him an AP(A) (between the two CM(S) players) and finally, I moved the CF(S) back to the AM strata and also made him an AP(A). I found that playing strikerless results in some great 'false nine-ish' attacking play. I also found that I was being exposed in the defensive midfield zone a lot, so moving a player back here helps protect the defence a lot more. EDIT: I wanted to add: What you wrote about Roaming (and not telling any of your midfielders to roam) is so spot-on and is something often not understood in most tactics. The midfield diamond is strength and unity. Why would I want my players to roam out of position and break this diamond?
  8. It's been a while, but I have developed my tactic even further. Why? I found that we weren't creating the kinds of chances for my striker that I'd like (and as a result he wasn't scoring enough) and I found that my midfielders weren't getting forward and breaking into the box enough. How did I change this? I am now playing 'Attacking', 'Fluid'. I am using 'Attacking' because it allows my midfielders to make more vertical runs, breaing past the frontman more often and generally results in better attacking play. The problem with playing 'Attacking' is that it also forces my players to play riskier passes, rather than patiently probing and waiting for an opening. To counter-balance this additional risk that 'Attacking' brings with it (over 'Counter) I have set all of my players (minus the False 9 and #10) the 'fewer risky passes' PI. Another major change that I have made is to move the AMR/AML to the ML/MR strata, giving them 'Wide Midfielder(Attack)' roles. Their PI's are 'Get further forward', 'Stay wider', 'Dribble less', 'Shoot less', 'Cut inside with ball'. I want them to stay wide, stretching the defence, and then funnel the ball into the central players, rather than trying to run down the wing and cross (this is purely an aesthetic choice, as I like to see my team pass the ball through the middle). I am using MR/ML instead of AMR/AML because they tend to stay wider much more than AML/AMR's do. AML/AMR's tend to come inside when the ball is in the final third, restricting your team's width. The final major change (and possibly the biggest) is to move AP(A) in the AMC spot back to MC (still as an AP(A), positioned between the other two CMs) and to move the striker back to the AMC spot and make him an AP(A). I did this because I want my striker to play like a false 9, but I found the False 9 role doesn't work how I'd like, and playing a strikerless system is creating all kinds of gaps to exploit that we never previously could. For those keeping track, the setup now looks like this: SK(D) BPD(X) CB© BPD(X) DM(D) WM(A) B2B(S) AP(A) B2B(S) WM(A) AP(A) I guess you could call it a 3-1-5-1-0, or a 3-7-0.
  9. Just seen a couple of articles on Spielverlagerung related to this: http://spielverlagerung.com/2015/12/29/2011-club-world-cup-final-barcelona-santos-40/ http://spielverlagerung.com/2015/12/29/1995-cl-final-afc-ajax-ac-milan-10/
  10. Box to box centre back is a good way to describe it! I recall Emre Can playing a similar role in a back 3 for Liverpool last season. That's essentially the role I've tried to create with the 2 wide Stopper CBs, but unfortunately it seems there's no way to replicate this kind of role in the game yet. Hopefully FM17 makes this a possibility. It's a bit of a shame really, as often these players will have so much time on the ball in the opposition half that I'm willing them on to drive towards the opposition's goal and create havoc for their defence. One of the reasons I like this shape so much (3-diamond-3) is because it helps you avoid the typical 'U-shaped' build-up play that so many teams seem to play.
  11. Thought i’d post the full system that I’m using now as there have been a few changes since I wrote the opening post. Here’s the shape and roles I’m using: SK(D) CD(X) CD© CD(X) DM(D) B2B(S) B2B(S) Winger(S) AP(A) Winger(S) CF(S) Counter Balanced TI: Play out of defence Close down much more Work ball into box Tighter marking Much higher defensive line Stay on feet Retain possession Pass into space Play wider Exploit the middle Be more expressive PI: - GK - distribute to defenders, pass shorter - CB Stoppers - close down more, get further forward, dribble more - DM - close down less, shoot less often - B2B - shoot less often, close down more, roam from position - AM - roam from position - WF - shoot less often, stay wider, man-mark opposition FBs - CF - shoot less often, roam from position
  12. That's precisely it. I like my wingers in the AMR/AML position because it puts them right up against the opposition's FBs and makes it a lot easier to stop them from taking short goal kicks. In addition to this, playing wingers in the AMR/AML position gives us more depth when attacking and gives the striker more slightly support. However, I was getting frustrated with my wingers playing very narrow when the ball was in the final 3rd (when the opposition were camped out on the edge of their own penalty area) so I tried moving them both to the ML/MR position (this was before I was using the 'play wider' TI). I found that they worked well in this position as they stayed wide during attacking phases for longer, but they still came inside and played narrower eventually (when the ball was in the final 3rd).
  13. This is why I rarely tell my CMs to man-mark the opposition's wingers these (especially if I'm playing against a team with a strong midfield). Try turning off the man-marking and setting your wide CBs to 'close down more'.
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