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  1. Out of interest, why do you train your players to ‘Play simple passes’? Isn’t the point of playing ‘Balanced’ Mentality that you don’t want to restrict their passing so that they pick the best option?
  2. I have found that this tactic is drastically better defensively when playing with CBs who are 6"3+ and have 15+ pace.
  3. When scouting young players (16/17 year-olds), what would you look for in terms of stamina and workrate? A minimum of 13 for stamina and 13 for workrate?
  4. I've started a new game with Ajax using this tactic. The aim is to win the CL with an academy/Dutch 11. First season I signed Dirk Kuyt, Pablo Aimar... Jonathon Walters as tutors
  5. I have found that the AM(A) plays very high up during the build-up phase (pretty much alongside the striker at times, breaking the midfield diamond). I have changed this role to AP(A) and I find that it works well. The AP(A) plays a little deeper, links the play extremely well and helps maintain more of a diamond in midfield.
  6. Regarding your TI's: Is there a reason why you don't use 'Work Ball Into Box'?
  7. Wonderful, wonderful post. I have been trying to recreate this tactic for the past few years on FM. I have copied your tactic and it works great. However, I have made a tweak to mine which I think works really well. I dropped the DLP(D) back to the DM strata. I think dropped the AM(A) back to the CM strata (making him an AP(A) (between the two CM(S) players) and finally, I moved the CF(S) back to the AM strata and also made him an AP(A). I found that playing strikerless results in some great 'false nine-ish' attacking play. I also found that I was being exposed in the defensive midfield z
  8. Anchorman is a good shout. I believe I tried it in the past and there didn't seem a whole lot of difference between Anchorman and Defensive Midfielder. I decided upon Defensive Midfielder because I thought he would have a slightly less restricted passing range than an Anchorman (whether this is true or not I'm not sure). When I mentioned Busquets, I meant a player who keeps it simple and plays the ball forward, as opposed to a Gerrard-esque regista spraying the ball all over the place.
  9. Thanks RTH! That's right. When I wrote 'WFs' I just meant 'players in the winger position'. Their role (as RTH pointed out) is Winger.
  10. I have my DM (in the DM strata) set as DM(D). I don't want this guy to move too far out of position (in attack or defence) because in such an attacking system I need someone shielding the defence. I also want him to keep it simple (hence why i've gone for 'Defensive Midfielder' instead of DLP or other roles) as if he loses the ball we're gonna be in big trouble. Think Busquets. For the 2 CMs ahead of him I am using 2x 'Box to Box' midfielders, and I have set them both to 'Roam from position', so that they make themselves available and show for the ball as often as possible. I used B2B midfiel
  11. I have 3 CBs. The central one is set 'Cover' and the outer two are set to 'Stopper'... Is that what you are asking?
  12. That’s true that the Dutch league isn’t a top European league and I do have a top class team. However, in my experience a fair few of the teams in the league try to press you and stop you from playing out from the back (when they're playing at home, at least). I couldn't tell you of my possession stats in the Champions League off the top of my head, but I have put in several dominating performances against some of the big boys (Pep's Bayern being one of them). One of the major attractions to the 3-4-3 diamond for me is that it provides a consistent, clear route of getting the ball from my
  13. It's actually not as big of a problem as I thought it would be, for a few reasons: - I stop teams playing from the back and I have tall CBs who win any long balls so it's hard for them to get the ball in advanced areas in the first place. - I tell my wingers to man-mark their fullbacks, effectively neutralising them (I make sure my wingers have decent workrate/teamwork so they don't neglect this duty). - I tell my wide CBs to close down more. When the ball is on the flank the closest CB goes to close down the ball and the other 2 shift over. This does leave us significantly weak on the oppo
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