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  1. Since long names were also popular, here is another: And this is a match I just played for kicks, obviously I am the team on the right. Why? No idea.
  2. Had to be done, even in Dutch this is a funny name. Haha xD The following pictures show why Trinidad & Tobago have the most original and unique football league. I mean, look at them. Or what about them. Bah, only 4 per post!
  3. I approve of this thread, though some people should learn how to link images. WTF is with these people linking to thumbnails!? Get bigger pictures! Anyway, here are some of mine: Since I noticed people liked dirty words, here are some I found: Unlucky name =). Same can be said about this bloke. I am seeing a pattern now. Ah yes, I can already see the messages: "leave [name] alone!" Bah, only 4 per post!
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