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  1. Interesting development, Kyle. I had downloaded the hot fix that was released today, 20.4.3 (which also means yesterday's update as I hadn't loaded steam for a few days) and thought I'd load my save file. I checked the patch notes, but it didn't say anything about save files not being able to continue, but one of those two patches seems to have rectified the issue, at least it did for me as I am able to progress into the game.
  2. Yeah, I suspected that might be the case. Hopefully others can provide a save file and hopefully it's a relatively easy fix. At least there are other users with the same/ similar issue.
  3. File has been uploaded. I double checked, but that is the earliest I have from before the update. All other backups that the game auto creates are from the 18th. They're from the day before it crashes, as well as a few days before that, but nothing more recent from before the update.
  4. In terms of saves, I have a save from a few months ago (game auto saves keeping a rolling 3 backups, but these are all from the 18th, so chances are these are from after the update.) I have one from June, but that is from a number of years before where we are in this save, I am thinking about 6 years. I will upload it if it is of any use. It will be labelled: "Sword's Feyenoord contract."
  5. The few times I did, just altered player stats, not even wholesale changes but some minor changes, or extended a contract. Nothing that caused game to crash before.
  6. Some additional information, the game crashes on 25 April 2038. The save file is saved right before the game crashes. I did not use custom databases, but I have a few times used the in-game editor.
  7. Hello, In my game I am about to enter a match, but when I press continue, I receive the crash / crash dump message and it won't let me continue. I have verified the files, it did say a number of files failed and would be downloaded again. I deleted the cache and preferences folders. And whilst a new driver for my GFX card was made available only recently, installing the driver update didn't change anything. The save is in 2038, so it has been used a while, so I feel confident that my anti virus, which has been the same for years isn't causing any problems. I have uploaded file
  8. Since long names were also popular, here is another: And this is a match I just played for kicks, obviously I am the team on the right. Why? No idea.
  9. Had to be done, even in Dutch this is a funny name. Haha xD The following pictures show why Trinidad & Tobago have the most original and unique football league. I mean, look at them. Or what about them. Bah, only 4 per post!
  10. I approve of this thread, though some people should learn how to link images. WTF is with these people linking to thumbnails!? Get bigger pictures! Anyway, here are some of mine: Since I noticed people liked dirty words, here are some I found: Unlucky name =). Same can be said about this bloke. I am seeing a pattern now. Ah yes, I can already see the messages: "leave [name] alone!" Bah, only 4 per post!
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