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  1. Hello, I have a game file that always crashes on the same date. I have tried playing with settings, such as changing it to software, as opposed to GPU assisted. I have tried verifying cache, deleting settings, etc. I am at my wits end on what to do in order to continue with my save file. What things can I try in order to get my file to continue working? What information is required?
  2. When playing in Feyenoord's away kit, the 3D match engine displays green and white colours as the kit colours. However, the colours are black and green this year, not white. The info screen of Feyenoord itself show the correct colours and the data editor that comes with the game also show the correct colours... Also, the statusbar on the bottom that explain what is going on during the match show the correct colours, the match preview window shows the correct colours and the the bar on the top with the score shows the correct colours... Is this normal?
  3. Had my 1st and 2nd GK injured in '08. Volcanic Eruptions.
  4. Rory Delap long throw-ins

    Haha, that match as awesome =P.
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Since long names were also popular, here is another: And this is a match I just played for kicks, obviously I am the team on the right. Why? No idea.
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Had to be done, even in Dutch this is a funny name. Haha xD The following pictures show why Trinidad & Tobago have the most original and unique football league. I mean, look at them. Or what about them. Bah, only 4 per post!
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I approve of this thread, though some people should learn how to link images. WTF is with these people linking to thumbnails!? Get bigger pictures! Anyway, here are some of mine: Since I noticed people liked dirty words, here are some I found: Unlucky name =). Same can be said about this bloke. I am seeing a pattern now. Ah yes, I can already see the messages: "leave [name] alone!" Bah, only 4 per post!
  8. On various FM forums, this is sometimes called the "second season syndrome", it is known that the second season is always going to be more difficult, due to the AI being more resistant. The computer considers you a better opponent now, thus will give you more resilience.
  9. Poland and Belgium are the quickest, 3 years each.
  10. I am actually playing FM 08 still. I am keeping an update on a FM forum and my latest entry can be found here: Click After I am done with that, I am going to play a City game with the fan database update with all the 2008 summer transfers completed. I also play games on my PS2 still, mostly RPG's, such as Star Ocean, Suikoden, Shadow Hearts and others.
  11. - Explaining players why you didn't allow them to talk to Barcelona and Chelsea. - A player simply accepting the decision, instead of "considering the Bosman rule". Really, what kind of twat would consider a bosman rule after 1 decision. Some players are such whiners in the game. One answer they didn't like and they want to leave the club. On that note: - Players with some sack and less whining! Oh no, my manager didn't want to sell me to Barcelona for 10 million, despite him said I was worth 20 million. *sulk* *sulk*
  12. Chairman options?

    Thanks for the response Ter, that is an answer I can accept. Fair enough if that isn't the current direction you guys don't want to go in. Just keep Wise out of the game =).
  13. Al right, well I am native Dutch, but living in the UK. Now, I usually play games in English, but I decided to play it in Dutch for a season, just for good old sake. I have no idea who is translating the game, but there are too many typos. Is it a personal team that is translating the game, or is it done by some other company, like BabelMedia? Anyway, FM 2008 had loads of typos in the Dutch language. It was funny to read them, but it certainly didn't show any form of professionalism. I just wanted to point this out, in case you were unaware about this.
  14. Chairman options?

    Men talks about realism in FM, but I don't see realism. The only realism the games have are the updated database and the tactics. As I said before, the game is as a-personal as can get. The 2008 skin might be the worst yet. The background was white everywhere you went. Every question you were asked was morphed into this standard reply and they hardly mattered. Maybe 1, or 2 players actually showed some effect. Match talk had some effect, but that is it. All you're doing is clicking some buttons and you hardly interact with the game. Managing for a football club comes with much more than simply signing players and competing against other teams. In FIFA Manager these options are there, but they are a choice. You can simply tell the computer that you'll be ignoring these things and the computer does it for you. It is ideal, as the players that don't want to bother don't have to and the players that do want to can. Everybody wins. And for the last time, I am not suggesting the option to play as a chairman, I am suggesting options a chairman has, such as deciding the sponsors and such. I like that SI is trying to improve their product every year and I like that the team itself posts here personally. At least, the way Ter types makes me believe he works on the game him/herself and isn't a "representative" of the team. So, kudos to SI for that, it really shows you're open to ideas by the fans and willing to discuss things and reply personally. I do like to know why SI is against implementing the things I mentioned though. So far I only have seen things like "it won't happen" and "we don't really care much", any reason for that?