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  1. The Philippines in World Cup

    Ask in the revelent thread
  2. The Philippines in World Cup

    In the game
  3. The Philippines in World Cup

    No, unless you improve there ranking
  4. The Philippines in World Cup

    Sorry mate you will have to wait until the following world cup
  5. Lee Maybe you could explain what you have done for ever section/country and people would help you
  6. Keep up the work, don't worry about people not posting as people love to just read
  7. [FM11] From italy wiht love

    The cup is a knockout with replays if its a draw
  8. How about this one how many leagues could i run AMD Phenom II X4 Quad 955 Core 3.2GHz Processor 4 x 512 KB Boxed - Black Edition
  9. Ishu, Please can you answer my question if you can
  10. [FM11] Infiltrating the Pentagon