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  1. .dbc is just a compressed form of .xml, both work fine
  2. Forbsie`s 2012-2013 Transfer and Data Update

    Cheers Forbsie, thanks for all the hard work. I found your update perfect for waht I required. Thanks again and please name and shame the haters
  3. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    New version online now. but u will have to make a small donation to unlock all the features seems fair to me as it must take hours of work
  4. Wallys update

    Jay bothroyd is out of contract and will not re sign with cardif. I expect the championship sides have smaller squads because they have or are about to release players
  5. Have you tried allocating the clubs to a city not just a stadium?
  6. Hi guys both your last leagues were great. I would love to assist in any way possible. Just an idea why don't you upload your league spreadsheet I believe the community would love to assist you both in overcoming the trials and tribulations of building the league in the same way they assisted Superbladesman
  7. Continental Comps

    Please share
  8. Region boundries

    Morning all. Does anybody have a list of the coordinates for region boundries. I need to split europe, africa, south America etc for a superleague and wondered what were the best cities in the game to use. Thanks chaps
  9. How To Get The Data Out of FM?

    I believe Genie Scout should let you do this http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm_genie_scout_10.html
  10. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    FMRTE v3.0.135 RELEASED Download Link: In a few minutes Changelist: Added support for FM 10.2 Patch (works with DVD, Steam and Digital versions) Features Not working (for users with 10.2 Patch) Search/Edit players with Player and Staff attributes Clubs Kits and Colours are not working at 100% I didnt have time to test all features, so its possible that some other feature is not working well (BACKUP your savegame!!)