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  1. Agree about personality as you don’t want troublemakers upsetting the team ethic unless they are young enough to be tutored out of it
  2. I generally will only recruit players with a minimum level of determination in order to ensure they give their all for 90+ mins. I also have a minimum Teamwork level so there is a strong squad unity. It’s a rather basic view of having a DNA but it keeps it simple whilst having a squad ethic in place
  3. If you shoehorn a player into a role he is unsuitable for then I think it’s mainly his decisions that are affected. Of course as Cleon says even 2 players that are natural for a role will play it differently depending on their attributes. In a LLM save I normally decide what style/tactic I want to play to move up the leagues and maybe think a few seasons ahead and build towards it over time when you can afford the right players.
  4. Then you would be changing how the tactic was set up to work so it would be a different tactic. You are much better off designing a tactic that works and then putting the most suitable players required in each position so it works the way you want it to. If you don’t have a suitable player to play in a position then you would have to use a player that you felt was most suitable until you could buy one that fitted it.
  5. You would leave the role as it is as this is what makes the tactic work. Imagine it was possible to have a Poacher role at DL and what that would do to the tactic. Now imagine playing a recognised Poacher as a DL. The first would be a disaster but in the second example the guy with the Poacher attributes could probably make a decent fist of playing DL.
  6. I am still playing FM10 but am looking for a bit more tactical oomph and wanted advice on what people would suggest as their favourite FM version. I don’t like too much clutter and fluff but want to be able to be creative tactically. Looking for a bit of a balance between the tactical side and other aspects of the game. I like youth and player personality development also. I have FM13 but have only dabbled a little and I don’t like graphics where players seem to skate rather than move properly. Apologies if this is considered the wrong forum to post in but I was looking for tactical feedback more than anything
  7. I’m talking about players that stay for several years at 1.5* but consistently hold down a place and play better than 4* rated layers. Their 1.5* rating never changes
  8. Not sure I understand what you mean
  9. I think there is also a bit of randomness thrown in for some players. I have had many over the years who you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole as they were 1.5 or 2*. You suddenly find you have to throw them into the team for some reason and they end up holding down a regular place, with great ratings, for several seasons.
  10. I have never used more than a couple of adjustments to TI/PI’s and whilst I am no world beater I can take over a struggling relegation candidate and finish mid table, develop a squad and move through the leagues, go on decent unbeaten runs and be content with my lot. Sometimes it’s best not to over complicate things, keep it simple and the results will follow.
  11. I would add to this the same about new players in the team. I went through a spell of dismissing strikers who I purchased as rubbish because they didn’t score or play as well as expected in the first few games. I then realised that they needed time to settle in and after a good few games they would finally perform. I never judge a new player now until he has had a good run of games as he needs to gel in the same way teams do when they have a big turnover in players
  12. It seems the one thing missing from the whole “I am rubbish at FM” conversation is that win,lose or draw you are actually engaging with the game. Whilst we all want to create teams who are unbeatable world champions it’s other aspects of the game that make it so exciting. That last minute winner, beating a top team on their turf, a developed youth who breaks through into the first team, that offside goal you concede and curse, hitting the woodwork when 0-1 down and a minute to go, the sending off that clearly wasn’t, the sublime move that ends in a goal etc etc. I’m sure we have all shouted at the screen, jumped out of our chair, sworn at a referee and ended an evening in a buoyant mood after a tough victory. Winning is great but there is so much more to enjoy about this game than that alone. Just relax and enjoy the ride....whatever the outcome.
  13. This book is excellent in that respect Talking Tactics: You’ll Never Look at Football the Same Way Again By Mihail Vladimirov and Bob Pearce
  14. I think maybe you need to understand exactly how the goals are being conceded so you can identify the problem. Replay the goals against from when the opposition start their attack and keep stopping the action and look at player positions. See if you can identify where the problems are as the attack builds as there could be any number of reasons. Are tackles being missed, have they found it too easy to exploit the space behind the WB's, are the wide men finding it too easy to deliver a cross, are the WB's too slow to react and not cutting out the crosses in time, what is preventing the DC's from clearing the cross when it comes in. By closely watching these details in the build up to goals you should see a pattern emerging as to what the fault is and how you can deal with it.
  15. Failure...yet again.

    You seem to be missing the point Cleon is making. A striker suddenly stops scoring so you change his role in the hope he will start scoring again. You are looking at things in isolation and not the bigger picture. You would be better conducting the analysis as suggested which focusses on all aspects of what goes into the end product. You need to look and understand why all of a a sudden he is not scoring by looking at the events leading up to the point when the attack breaks down. If you don't know why he isn't scoring then how will you know why any changes you make are likely to work? i have always been an advocate of Cleons continually stop the action in the first 5 mins to see how the game is shaping up. If you can take the time to see what is happening in this period then you will know what pattern the match is following and be able to take any appropriate action to correct any likely issues before they hurt you.