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  1. Transfer Window

    I must be blind ... when I go to Blue Square South > Rules ... I see league Season Dates, Regulation Rules, Disciplinary Rules, and Loan Rules, but nothing about transfer window dates. Is there another 'rules' section I am overlooking? Thanks
  2. I've looked in rules, but to no avail. Where do I find the dates for the transfer windows? Thanks
  3. I am curious as to what is the benefit of having more than one physio on staff in FM2010?
  4. My story is very similar to yours except I started in 2008. My only advice is play & tinker and read some forums. I found the lower leagues to be much more challenging and enjoyable. When the next patch comes out you can use all the info you have gathered on the game over your first few months to start a new long save game on the patched version which are very enjoyable.
  5. In 2009, prior to a match, the asst mgr would give tactical advice on opposition (who to close, hard tackle, etc.). I liked reviewing this but don't see it in 2010. Is it still available? Has it moved to a different screen/area? Thanks
  6. It takes me approximately 3 months to omplete a season. I wish there was one more option between 'full' and 'extended' which showed between 45 and 60 minutes of the match as opposed to extended which has 20 to 30 match minutes.
  7. Downloaded from Steam, FM2010 runs fine. However, I can't find out how to create a shortcut on the desktop so I don't have to open Steam to launch FM2010. Thanks
  8. FM 2010 Manual

    Bump - Any news on where to find the manual ... will it be a sticky???, etc.
  9. Football Manager First Times

    In 2008 I was recouperating from an injury/surgery with 3 months bed time. Searched on my laptop for a long term, involved game and decided to try FM2008. I had rarely played computer games but got hooked - oh and I live in the States and have never played football before. I bought FM2009 and will buy FM2010. It is the only game I play.
  10. Is there a FM2010 manual available online or for download to read before the game is launched next week. I know there are blogs and such, but I'm searching for the official manual. Thanks
  11. I too just found this thread and the dots are much more enjoyable. For some reason 3D just annoys me though my computer can run them very well. In Quality: Dots = Premier 3D = BSS