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  1. Hi, trying to use the buy back clause on Reguilon but it doesn’t work. They are negotiating a higher fee. There is a clause valid between 1/7/2021 and 31/7/2021 and same dates for 2022. If I go on Reguilons profile and contract it says no clauses. This must be a bug?
  2. Hi Knap, I don’t understand what you mean with “back at score”. Is it if you are loosing 0-1 and just have tied the game? What about when it’s a draw, 0-0? What shout do you use? How often do you use shouts? Is it whenever possible?
  3. Playing with Real Sociedad. First season, started with Annihilator but changed to Cerber 4 when it was released. Second place in league, out in semi final in the cup. Second season, won league, EURO League and Spanish cup!! Had a really good defensive record, think I let in around 20 goals in the league. Thirs season, my record in the league is 7-3-4. Lost last match 1-2 at home against Vigo. In CL I’m through to the next round. Is it FM being FM or what is wrong? There is no new patch right? My team is not playing and pressing like last season. I have improved my
  4. Hi, I put my set piece takers according to your OP but during the game my CB’s are taking the throw ins sometimes and corners are taken by MC for example. Is there any way to put the position as the set piece taker and not the actual player? Example, right now I’ve chosen my first choice rb as first right throw-in taker on right side. Even if he is playing my CB takes the throw-in sometimes. Is it a bug or what am I doing wrong?
  5. Hi TFF, could you do a sim with Real Madrid? I know it’s maybe not the toughest test but fun to see what kind of results you get. Would be cool to see how Hazard plays on the left. I feel now you are in the right forum finally. Always followed you on FM Base but now I feel like you are “home”. The test above might inspire me to buy FM20. I liked 19 a lot, with your tactic of course, but 20 has not attracted me yet. Cheers
  6. luff78: When you go on holiday it is your assistant who take care of the team talks. But when you're playing you maybe say the wrong things to your players. Keep that in mind
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