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  1. I'm playing as Arsenal and the Emirates was built in 2006. How long does that mean it will be before I can request an expansion or new stadium? Are the timeframes different for each? I don't know if it matters what version but it's FM16, I couldn't find a forum for general discussion of the older games Thank you all for the help
  2. For the last few installments I've had big problems with players in a wide position not crossing the ball across goal but carrying on running towards the goal and goalline until it's basically impossible to score, then sending a weak shot wide of the near post This happens even when my instructions are the opposite of that, even with top players who have good teamwork, vision etc attrbiutes The only thing I can think of is that in the code players only "know" their distance from goal so they see these ridiculous angles that are close the goal as a great time to shoot in
  3. I send scouts out to each region with the aim to get my world knowledge as high as possible. I'm mostly interested in players that have at least 3* potential I was wary of setting this parameter when sending the scout out because I still want him to gain knowledge of all the players he can. But I was thinking maybe it works in a way that setting that parameter means he would still scout everyone, but the only reports that hit my inbox would be for 3* players Can anyone confirm how it works?
  4. I'm managing a team in the third tier of Northern Ireland, and they're semi-pro This means I can't offer anyone a proper contract and can get players poached from me at any time, but I can also attempt to sign anyone from the lower leagues whenever I want. Although this is hard as I picked the team predicted bottom, and they're also the poorest I think. There's no training to speak of, I've managed to sign a scout with 8s in the two judging attributes as it's the best I can find. In debt at the start so no money for transfers. I feel a bit out of my depth even though I've done s
  5. Thanks, this is a lot better!
  6. That would be appreciated, thanks
  7. I was wondering how you get your match screen to look like that, with 3 large areas rather than lots of small ones, is it a different skin?
  8. Why's there no way to play in the normal mode? The one on Vs looks much worse and much more restrictive in general Would constantly be on it if we could
  9. About midway through the season one of my players wanted to move to a bigger club, I said we'd win the league this season and he accepted that. In April now and I just won the league. He requests a transfer because I didnt fulfil my promise of increasing the clubs standing, but I never made that promise. So I reject it and talk to him. I tell him again we'll win the league and he accepts that, yet 2 days later he's put in ANOTHER transfer request Is this a bug because one minute he's accepting my promise and 2 days later completely forgetting. Not to mention the promise he completely made u
  10. I got my UK and Ireland knowledge up to 100%, and the regen date for England was upcoming so I expected a drop. A few days later my knowledge for England is still 100% even though there are new players my scouts havent seen. I looked at some of the regens and I don't have reports on them yet it's at 100%? Am I misunderstanding what the percentage means?
  11. Am I right in thinking it is static at the moment? It would good if it increased as the national team and/or leagues in that country improved
  12. I'm having to zoom it in like 7 times a match now...sometimes it zooms out 5 seconds after I zoom in...it's ridiculous
  13. You can exceed your payroll budget, but the board might not like it depending on how frugal they are and how much you are exceeding it by And also of course this might put you in financial difficulty some time later
  14. Decided to manage Spain to right some wrongs. Lost against France in the qualifiers. Got Switzerland in the play offs and drew 2-2 away and 1-1 at home. I was losing in that match and was 40 minutes away from not going to the World Cup. The message the next day - http://i.imgur.com/IjO53zq.png I was expecting a severe warning to not cut it so tight in future.. Definitely needs looking at
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