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  1. They won't update it anymore... Definitely not summer transfers..
  2. Wait for the next sale is all you can do
  3. They only seem to roll out updates for the pc, us app users dont matter
  4. Who knows what si do.. But one thing is for sure.. They can't fix the bugs
  5. I agree.. If this is it from the devs and they were just collecting info for the next release then that's me done with fmm..
  6. i would like to know if SI will be fixing this or just collecting data to avoid issues for the next release
  7. Yup transfer market is so buggy.. It ruins the game.. About time a patch came out to sort issues.. Or are only pc customers important.. The last version I bought was 2016 which I enjoyed and got many hours out of.. This version is a let down so far
  8. 2022, have been told its because the world cup is that year, it isnt played anyway, as the friendly was the 25th and the sseason rolls over on the 24th
  9. Friendly game after league matches have finished
  10. Went in for 2 players.. Came up as they were cancelled but the were in my squad..
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