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  1. I also have loan players, not able to return to their parent club, even though the season end. Even the loan players salary is pay by the parent club. Anyone got any solution, to get the loan player back to the parent club?
  2. In FM10 Arsenal Edition, do Arsenal in the game give out share dividiend?
  3. Apologies if this have already been suggested. Shareholders Dividends I really like to see an “option” for Shareholders Dividends. It will be nice for gamers, whom is interested to manage a club, and also watch the revenues grow. It’s another form of achievement for playing the game. For me, I love to discover young future potential player which might help the team to win the league. The young player, can later be sold for huge profit, in the transfer market. But at the end of the season, only to see the profit given out as Shareholders Dividends. It really spoil the mood and fun. After 2 or 3 season, I can't generate any further interest, as huge dividends is given out to shareholders.