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    Two things I need before Friday

    Thanks a lot
  2. Last question Ishu, I promise! http://www.it247.com/product/1/ACRSUD30/LX-TTK0Z-001-Acer-TravelMate-Timeline-8371-944G32-N-Core-2-Duo-SU9400-13-3-TFT.html?cat=LX-TTK0Z-001-Acer-TravelMate-Timeline-8371-944G32-N-Core-2-Duo-SU9400-13-3-TFT - Any thoughts? It looks like the processor is a letdown
  3. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/packard-bell-easynote-tj74-rb-050-refurbished-laptop-04624500-pdt.html Will probably go for this one but is there much difference with the Lenovo edge posted earlier? - http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Lenovo_Edge_15_1002746.html
  4. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/compaq-presario-cq62-a25sa-refurbished-laptop-07586133-pdt.html Looks roughly the same as the other one, any thoughts Ishu? Edit: looks like it's only a single core
  5. Haha, not yet! I keep putting it off incase anything better comes up lol
  6. http://www.dixons.co.uk/gbuk/hp-compaq-presario-cq61-417sa-refurbished-laptop-06200165-pdt.html#tab-tech-specs Is this one OK, Ishu?

    AGENTS : Can we search for then?

    They usually say something like 'My client could be available for around £6,000,000' or something like that. No details on their contracts or anything though

    AGENTS : Can we search for then?

    Yes, I've been offered quite a few players so far, Frey, Enyeama, Park Chu-Young and quite a few others

    AGENTS : Can we search for then?

    Players agents are listed in the game but I believe they're not real names. For instance, Wayne Rooney's agent in game is Mick Howley, but in real life it's Paul Stretford I believe. There are no player-agent contract details given but I have heard of people saying players have fired their agent after a move
  10. http://www.dixons.co.uk/gbuk/hp-compaq-presario-cq61-417sa-refurbished-laptop-06200165-pdt.html#tab-accessories Think I'll go for this one now, Dixons have a bit of money off if you buy before Tuesday

    AGENTS : Can we search for then?

    Now Martin O'Neill has left we might actually sign some foreign players! Just out of interest, how did you get into that line of work? Will probably sound silly but is there some kind of 'agent school'?

    AGENTS : Can we search for then?

    Any players going to Aston Villa in January?
  13. I guess it might possibly be in there as something like a post match report on the opposing team and manager for next time however it seems a bit too specific if it is that
  14. Considering going for this one as I can probably stretch the budget a bit further, looks pretty good, no?