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  1. Likewise. Will probably avoid Chippenham this year, broke my heart when they didn't name the stadium after me.
  2. 2010/11 Glenn Fitzpatrick - Chippenham Town Media Prediction: 22nd Finished: 18th League Table It was always going to be difficult I was well aware, we started quite well but had a Hull-like slip mid-season, just managing to keep our heads above water. Performances in the last few games showed signs I was coming to terms with the defensive difficulties, it really is different to FM09 where I performed great with Worksop. The fun was taken out of the season early days losing 2-0 to Weston Supermere in my first crack at the FA Cup. I'm gradually building towards next season when hopefully we can make a good attempt and get a playoff place. I've decided to play a very defensive, basic style that can hopefully eradicate some silly goals and overall improve my league position, this combined with stronger midfielders and maybe a look at some help from my parent club Swindon can do me some good.# I'm not too excited by any of my players thus far, I've be closely looking at released players from BSP sides as there's no money available. Onwards and upwards next season, hopefully.
  3. Delighted that my copy has FINALLY arrived in the post. I'm jumping straight into this with Chippenham Town. Hopefully this is the start of something beautiful for this small town of just 28,000 people. By playing phsyically and rough I will aim to outrun and outmuscle teams while looking for a finisher to add to that.
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