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  1. I’m just starting a new save with the original first team. yeah go for it, always nice to see people doing good things with the Albion
  2. I’ve never used this one, ones similar as adventurous but just wondered if this one would work as well in people’s opinions
  3. Yep Brighton it is. I’ve had great success with them playing risky formations before. What would you do differently?
  4. Hi all, I’m looking to create a new tactic, something I always attempt with varying levels of succes but just wanted your opinion on the below. Not at my pc at the moment so hence the descriptions rather than photos! I’m looking at creating an 4-5-1flat back foor attacking style of tactic which keeps the ball on the floor and moves it around forward and quickly, keeping the tempo up and pressing the opposition, Sweeper keeper - A wing backs - A Ball playing CB - D Central Defender - D Half Back Box to Box Midfielder - S Mezzala - A Left Inside Forward - A Right Winger - S Poacher Attacking mentality, shorter passing, slightly higher defensive line, slightly higher line of engagement, look for overlaps, low crosses, counter press thanks for reading, any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the reply mate. Great to see other people taking the Albion to the top. So many changes! Interesting that you kept dreyer. I use him a lot how does he turn out for you?
  6. Outstanding mate thank you so much for the input
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking of 2 standard cm rather than deeper. I agree that we're not really set up to play this way yet although some of the players fit the bill. It's more of a future project when the better players come in. Any suggestions on which roles to change to aid defensive vulnerability?
  8. Hi everyone I'm doing ok with this version this year but I'm keeping things very simple with the tactics as my tiny brain can't get itself around every detail this year. I'm playing as the team I support, Brighton and I'm looking to create an expensive, free flowing tactic that as the club grows and better players come in its good to go. Mum thinking of the following but any help is appreciated! 4-2-3-1 formation with the following Sweeper keeper Wing backs A ball playing cb deep lying playmaker D roaming playmaker s inside forwards S attacking midfielder A andvanced forward A whwre it comes unstuck is the team and individual instructions can anyone help a brother out? thanks in advance
  9. Yves bissouma is killing it on my Brighton save. Average rating 8.06 after 25 games so far
  10. Is it really that simple? Forgive me I'm no tech expert! Thanks for the help
  11. Create a link where the clubs fans and players can download from
  12. Hi all, could someone tell me the easiest way of sharing a database that I've created please it's a project to raise money for a local team
  13. Jorrit Hendrix £8m bossed it for 10+ years at Brighton
  14. Thanks for the reply. Not sure which video it is or are you suggesting posting in there?
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