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  1. yep no point handing out abuse, im sure they have been working hard all day. Keep up the good work SI, cant wait for the patch!!!
  2. i've had so much bad encounters on the demo im scared of buying it and playing it...
  3. I am literally pondering whether to buy the copy right now for the mac, or should i just wait until the patch is out then buy it???
  4. you can use your earnings to do bets on the odds you get per match, outright competition etc. This way Its an incentive to raise your money for future opportunies such as becomging a board member, or even just to boost your spending budget.
  5. My 1st post and i have to say it's the most anticipated game for me all year. Can't wait, keep up the good work SI. I have an idea i would like to share.. Player/Manager relationship - examples such as Raul with Real, Gerrard and Liverpool show that they are loved by their fans (god like), Would like to see a certain players become idolized by fans more in the game, im sure everyone comes across a player who they will want to become their favourite player of the team, make it clear they are loved, fans unhappy he is dropped, player show further commitment to club etc. This depending on the way u treat the player of course. I guess it makes it sweeter when they do score for you. Reassures the manager you actually nurtured a somebody to a legend.. Just counting down they days for now...