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  1. cant SI just change the values or whatever to how they were in 11? amount of good regens coming out of various countries was alright in 11. i dont know why they change things that work in the first place.
  2. some great ideas over here. the SI people should really read this thread.
  3. agents were a very good addition to the game. they just need to be implemented correctly. how the "patience" attribute works should be changed drastically. for instance, you are a PL club looking to sign a division 1 player, the agent must be much more patient even if his attribute is 1. it is just silly when you offer players 2 times what they are making, a hefty sum to the agent, and then get rejected after 2 negotiations. if the player is "extremely" interested in joining your club, then the agent should do whatever it takes to make the deal work, that is their job after all. the patience attribute and the interest of the player in joining the club should be linked.
  4. the reason why these freak things happen is due to poor morale implementation and the unrealistic impact that teamtalks have. teamtalks have just become way too important, even way more than the tactics. in FM, if you give a good team talk and bad tactics you have a good chance of winning, if you give the wrong teamtalk and have an excellent tactic, your chances of winning is minimal, and this is where the ME forces these red cards/injuries/2 yard misses to occur. the effects of team talks must be minimized.
  5. id retrain him to CM and play him as B2B.
  6. i bet one of them will go to dundee utd on 8k.
  7. common things in regens 1- top goalies with rushing out less than 6 2- fullbacks with jumping of 2-5 3- lack of double footed players 4-lack of good attacking players that can play many positions. 5- bravery less than 8 in most midfielders
  8. i hate the press conferences aswell. what i mean by realism is to be able to have a realistic career, if i want to play with everton, i want to encounter the same challenges and difficulties that moyes face in real life. selling 7 players for 30M, getting the best staff in the world, getting tons of free class players, easily finding the top regens in the world, and controlling world football in 5 years is certainly stupid and unrealisitc, now isnt it? im not saying that you shouldnt be able to become the best team in the world, of course you should because it is a game, but it must be through tactics, knowledge, getting the right players, and being smart in the transfers, not because of the stupid AI. there is no sense of achievement in the game, because no matter who you take, you are easily on your way to number 1 through the same route. this game is supposed to be a simulation after all. maybe its time they make 2 versions every year. FM simulation and FM arcade(for those that want to rule the world in 5 years with weymouth or something)
  9. the problem is just that. SI have been tweaking it, but they are not IMPROVING it. you can have a playstation 2 and tweak it all you want, but it will never become as good as a playstation 3. some of the easiness has to be attributed to lazy programming as well. for instance, AI teams key player contract expiring and they dont try much to renew the contract. it cant be hard to code the AI to go far to renew their key players contract. every year you see top players becoming available for free, and then no AI team wants them and they then go buy worse players for 5-10 million. AI teams also sell top regen youngsters so cheaply. IRL team demand 10M+ for their top youngsters, in FM you just buy them for 2-3M. and i would definitely prefer a realistic game rather than a 'casual fun' game and i am sure so does every one else who have been playing this game for more than 2 versions.
  10. the game is easy because the AI are incredibly stupid. you can get it to a 100% balanced level, but it will still be easy if the AI remains as it is.
  11. maybe then they should hire new programers to help the current ones with the ME. the graphics can be done by 2,3 people, but a ME is very complex and they need many more people working on it.
  12. cristiano is a poor FK taker. he scores 1 in 100 attemps
  13. i have wanted this for a few years now. it adds to the realism and you cant have an advantage over the AI in transfers. this will give us a realistic career and you wont be able to become the best team in the world with BSP sides. so when after 3 years a team from the championship, division 1 approaches you, you actually feel the need to accept and get a sense of achievement. the challenge for me has been gone for the last 3 FMs, but this option can bring it back.
  14. it is a problem even in 11.3, sometimes i play with defensive forward, closing down to full, they just roam around and do nothing.
  15. unfortunately, you currently cant have a realistic career in FM because the transfer system is just a joke (selling your crap for astonishing prices, buying other teams top talents for less than 1M, top players getting free,.........). an easy fix SI could do for people that want a realistic career would be to give us an option of "management in control of transfers". like it is in real life. this would mean that you no longer have advantage over the AI in transfers and the game would be balanced between the AI and human user. until they can actually improve the transfers to a realistic level( which i honestly dont think will happen in our life time), this option is the best way around it.
  16. every person that has something to do with SI should read this. the best thing to do is to have new youth players start with a value of 0, then go up depending on their performances.
  17. since no improvements have been made in this area for the last 3 years. then it is irrelevant if he is playing 10,11,or 12. i completely agree that it is way too easy to FIND, and BUY the best 15,16 year olds in the game.
  18. 9.3 mainly because there were no annoying bugs in the ME
  19. same problem in fm11. barca and real dont strengthen their team.
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