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  1. - Players even with decent/good teamwork are too selfish, almost never noticing players on better positions when one-on-one with keeper from tight angles this is one of the most annoying things in the ME. inside forward on the left with ball and two players free in the box. what does he do? shoot straight at the GK. EVERY TIME!!!!! and this is with long shots rarely, through balls often, and players with 15+ teamwork. then there is the obvious corner and freekick flaws. through balls are way too effective, defenders often freeze when a through ball is played. specially when a LST comes deep and the poacher RST goes forward. fast strikers easily dribble slower DCs and get into one-on-one with GK
  2. you guys should sign borriello. he would be good for english football.
  3. how is that not many? you got 3 15 year olds with the potential to become as good as messi. that is pretty good and realistic.
  4. id like to have this too. obviously many wont like this so they should make it optional, but it is more realistic and if someone else is making the transfers then you cant take advantage of the poor AI in transfers. would definitely be a good challenge, which has been missing for me personally.
  5. btw when do SI plan to announce 13? dont they usually do it in july?
  6. even IF this was possible, it would be a huge waste of time like the add/remove league feature because it does not improve the game in any way. if you like your save so much, just keep on playing it until you get bored. id rather they improve AI and ME than include useless features.
  7. its not just on big screens.i have a 17 inch screen with high res and things are awfully small. they really must make a version suitable to high res screens.
  8. im not on steam, and the fake files are all deleted. the save game is in 2013, the german team was fine, since i applied this they have all become greyed out players. this is on fm11 btw.
  9. does this affect the fake files? cause in my saved game the german team has become all greyed out players after applying this.
  10. id take a one footed blind pirlo over an inform gerrard. although gerrard was a great player, pirlo is just something else. pirlo is a one in a life time player, there has never been a player like him before and there never will be.
  11. the stars dont mean much. on my previous laptop my star was only 0.5/5 yet it ran reasonably well with 9-11 leagues loaded through 4-5 countries.
  12. i agree with you on di natale, he is not a selfish player but he wont be able to do much against a packed defense. balotelli just doesnt deserve to start, he scored one lucky fluck goal but his decision making is horrendous, look against ireland where there was a free man to his left instead he waits 10 seconds and then does a crappy pot shot. his attitude stinks and he may get a red at any time. id go with borini and cassano. borini can pressure their packed defense into hoofing the ball to the midfield where pirlo will get it and dictate play. also id put nocerino instead of motta who doesnt seem able to play 90 minutes.
  13. so you think the 4-3-1-2 is better? no matter how you want to put it, the 3-5-2 is the best formation for this team. specially against england, you got 3 at the back to take care of their front two, and a 3 vs 2 advantage in midfield.
  14. Thursday 21st June Czech Republic 1-3 Portugal* Friday 22nd June Germany 2-0 Greece Saturday 23rd June Spain 1-1 France(france) Sunday 24th June England 1-2 Italy
  15. lol. he was working his ass off today. glad greece qualified. i know they dont play nice football, but they always entertain me somehow and they have interesting players. also that schalke defender should come to roma.
  16. dont want either. the second one would be hell. it would be like the press conferences, boring and tedious.
  17. Saturday 16th June Czech R 1-1 Poland, 19:45pm Greece 1-1 Russia, 19:45pm Sunday 17th June Denmark 0-2 Germany, 19:45pm Portugal 0-0 Netherlands, 19:45pm Monday 18th June Croatia 1-1 Spain, 19:45pm Italy 1-0 R.O.I, 19:45pm NAP Tuesday 19th June England 1-1 Ukraine, 19:45pm Sweden 0-2 France, 19:45pm
  18. Tuesday 12th June Poland 1-2 Russia, 19:45pm Wednesday 13th June Denmark 1-1 Portugal, 5pm* Netherlands 0-2 Germany, 19:45pm Thursday 14th June Italy 1-1 Croatia, 5pm Spain 3-0 R.O.I, 19:45pm Friday 15th June Ukraine 1-1 France, 5pm Sweden 0-1 England, 19:45pm
  19. do greece really have no one else to start in place of samaras? i dont know what this guy is doing in euro12
  20. Friday 8th June Poland 2-1 Greece, 5pm Russia 3-1 Czech Rep, 19:45pm Saturday 9th June Netherlands 4-1 Denmark, 5pm Germany 2-0 Portugal, 19:45pm Sunday 10th June Spain 3-0 Italy, 5pm R.O.I 0-1 Croatia, 19:45pm* Monday 11th June France 1-0 England, 5pm Ukraine 1-1 Sweden, 19:45pm
  21. valencia's Jérémy Mathieu should be there. he deserves the place much more than say malouda.
  22. close unused programs running in the background.
  23. its poor programming by SI. whenever a team decide to sell a player, they transfer list him at his value even though teams would be willing to play double that, in your case 5.25. then poor AI comes into play where no AI team is interested in the player despite the great price for value.
  24. from experience, playing a 4-4-2 in FM makes you very vulnerable to through balls as the defenders dont know to defend against them. thus when i decide on playing 4-4-2, I always play one of the central midfielders in the DM position. has anyone tried playing with two DMs and LM/RM?
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