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  1. do midfielders now actually try to win the ball? or do they still just stand there braindamaged as the other team passes it around? do players still make a 360 turnaround 3 times so they pass with their weaker foot when a simple pass would suffice?
  2. the problem is not my system, the problem is the game. i have tried software/GPU and different resolutions and they are all the same. with FM11 not even once did i hear my laptop fan, now i hear it everytime i play FM13.
  3. im finding the interface to be very slow and this is simply unacceptable as i have a 8GB ram and 2gb graphics and i7 processor. i hope this is fixed in the next patch. an obvious example is when in the tactics screen i remove a player from a position and i have to wait 3-4 seconds until i can click on something else. in general, it is not smooth at all. after the processing ends, and the inbox shows, i have to wait 1-2 seconds before the text appears. these used to be instantaneous on fm11.
  4. where do i find the resource tool? and is it possible that when i click on a player in the overview or team, it goes to their player instruction screen instead of showing me their attributes?
  5. i have deleted the files for getting the "original player profile" though the positions and match ratings box as in the pic is not showing. how do i get them to show? and Zigi, what exactly do you change to make the ME ball bigger? thanks.
  6. the new interface is just horrible, terrible, woeful, frustrating, and angering. i just cant understand who would make a decision to go from the simple and efficient FM11 interface to this ugly, cluttered, and mind numbing thing. just looking at it gives me a headache. every thing you needed to do could have been done in 1-3 clicks before. now you have to hover and make 5-6 clicks before you get to something. it is really ruining the game, i still havent played it for more than 30 minutes at once because the clicking is driving me mad. information on most pages are highly unorganized and their placement on the pages are extremely poor. for instance, get scout report on the top far left or new scout assignment on the bottom far left. before everything you needed to take action on a player was all at the same place, now the actions are all over the page. most of the pages have repeated information. for instance i can see the average ratings in the tactics screen, on the squad screen, and on the attribute screen. why do i need this stat to show in 247 more screens? this interface has taken all my excitement out, i got the game just 4 days ago very keen to play it and now i dont even want to load it up. the inteface is much less smooth aswell. another thing that is frustrating me is the poor choice of camera options given to us in the 3d ME. i used to play on the elevated view which was great as i could see the whole pitch and what my team is doing. this view has now been ruined as it has been changed to something that looks like from top looking down and none of the other cameras gives you a good idea of what is going on the pitch. please fix the elevated view and make it as it was before. the ball in the ME is extremely small that you sometimes have to concentrate to see it. specially when playing in the sun it is barely visible. it needs to look bigger by at least 50%
  7. the thing with the scouting report is that it should be impossible to scout players that have never ever played a game in their lives. a just created regen 15 year old should play 20-30 games before his attributes slowly start to show. your scouts must go to watch games of these players and slowly reveal the attributes match after match. with the introduction of FMC, SI now have a great opportunity to bring in a realistic scouting model for the real game, keeping the current scouting system for FMC for those that dont have time, kids, or whatever.
  8. OP is just pissed that he can no longer take advantage of poor AI. he talks of hungarian lower division teams....his example?? anderlecht, a top belgian team. how much did lukaku go to chelsea for? Poolfan, if you had one of these players in your team, would you sell them for less than 10million?
  9. this bug has been a problem since fm11. id offer free players 20k they would reject, after 1 week they sign for a much lower reputation club for 3.5K. post it in bugs forum
  10. the french regens have been a bit overrated for the last 3-4 FMs.
  11. surely his contract must be wrong? just a week ago he was linked to clubs for 30Meuros IRL.
  12. are you serious? no one is asking for another skin, we want the same skin in a different color. surely that shouldnt take more than a weeks work for someone who is an expert at such stuff.
  13. i just dont know how i will see player attributes with high res screen know that it is shown in just 1/20 of the page with a multitude of text around. hopefully someone makes a dark fm11 style high res skin
  14. seems like SIs trick has worked on you. everything that they have said so far about FMC you can do in the full game. if you dont have enough time you can not look at training at all, get your assistant to do conferences and teamtalks, do a tactic in the tactic creator in 2 minutes, and select just 3 nations at the start and you have got yourself FMC. it just depends on you, i can finish a season in 10 hours or 100 hours. in FMC, they have just restricted your options.
  15. if you really want to keep the player, offer him out for 0. 20-30 clubs make bid for the player and he chooses one of them, then just reject the transfer after he has agreed to the move.
  16. i hope the scouting is more realistic this year. scouts should actually go to matches and watch the players play before attributes become visible. its highly unrealistic that you can see all the attributes of a 17 year old zimbabwe player that has never played a game.
  17. but its possible to fix more of them by not wasting time on UI, facebook,tweeter, and leaderboards.
  18. what about target man? can we finally see a long ball from defense to target man who controls the ball or flicks it to others?
  19. it is a very good addition.even if the AI is still bad, at least it will level the playing field, with the DoF AI making your signings and negotiating contracts you can no longer take advantage of the poor AI in the transfer market. making the game more real and making it very hard to do unrealistic things like taking lewes to the top of the world.i just hope they have worked on it well and that you can speak to the DoF. for instance being able to recommend players to the DoF to sign for the club.
  20. he has gotten the brazilian goalie syndrome. dida, doni, julio ceasar..........all of them suddenly lost it.
  21. - Players even with decent/good teamwork are too selfish, almost never noticing players on better positions when one-on-one with keeper from tight angles this is one of the most annoying things in the ME. inside forward on the left with ball and two players free in the box. what does he do? shoot straight at the GK. EVERY TIME!!!!! and this is with long shots rarely, through balls often, and players with 15+ teamwork. then there is the obvious corner and freekick flaws. through balls are way too effective, defenders often freeze when a through ball is played. specially when a LST comes deep and the poacher RST goes forward. fast strikers easily dribble slower DCs and get into one-on-one with GK
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