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  1. the issue of aggression and bravery affects all the players. its hard to find regens with high values for those 2 attributes. has been like this for many versions now.. many regens are between 1-8 when it comes to these 2 attributes.
  2. who decided it was a good idea to highlight subs and not selected players in the squad/tactics screen? remove the highlights!
  3. brits staying in england has nothing to do with being conservative or them hating changes, it simply has to do with their clubs highly overrating them and giving them wages too good for their ability. most of them stay because they are well paid and no foreign team would pay them that much. for example, there is no way players like gareth barry and jordan henderson would be given their current wages by foreign teams. there is nothing wrong though with players from england, italy, and germany wanting to stay home and it is only natural and realistic considering they possess strong leagues.
  4. good analysis. it seems from your data that the top players in the game have almost doubled, and this ive noticed in my game as well as i think there are a bit way too many good regens produced. it would be interesting if you could look at the CA of the managers between 2012 and 2040. on the previous games pretty much all the regen managers where extremely bad.
  5. disagree with 4, i play with a target man and he gets some good crosses to his head. my wingers crossing stats are just 13-14 as well. one good thing about this years ME is that you can use a target man again effectively. now i see my GK kicking the ball to the TM and he is often involved in play.
  6. +1 ive switched to 2d as none of the current 3d cameras are good enough to get the whole view of the game. elevated view was good before but SI have ruined that.
  7. goals from longshots are extremely rare. instead of fixing the ACCURACY of long shots they increased the NUMBER of longshots to ridiculous levels.
  8. happy? And regarding corners, whats the point of re-writing the ME if you are going to re-write the same things? every goal from a corner comes either from a near post or far post header. why cant we see any goals from the middle? or goals after a player has made a run? or playing the corners short? everyone seems to just freeze at corners, while IRL attackers move around to beat their marker to a header. it has been like this since i remember, corner goals dont just come from 2 exact points every time SI!
  9. although i agree with matsonn mann that on previous games through balls to the striker(poacher) was way too effective, there was nothing wrong with through balls to wingers, inside forwards, or attacking midfielders, which are all non-existent in this ME. how many times do you see a long ball played in to space for your wingers/inside forwards? 0 how many times do you see an inside forward cut inside and send a through ball to the other attacking midfielders? 0 just look at this picture, ridiculous, he is even a left footer which means he is in perfect position to send a ball to the striker that has beaten his marker. but what does he do instead? wait 2 seconds and shoot hopelessly straight at the GK. other things ive noticed that i havent seen mentioned much: * hitting the bar from hopeless headers, far away crosses. *fullbacks being too adventurous(not the excessive running with ball issue). i was playing on counter and my RB decided to leave his man and position to go into an attacking midfield position. *extremely poor movement from inside forwards on the wings. in all the patches. cutting inside is highly ineffective.
  10. ofcourse it is playable, even if the GK started running to corner flag every single time it would still be playable. lets face it though, the ME is currently broken and not fun to play. the fact that through balls are nonexistent, literally nonexistent, makes it a fact that the ME is broken. its like buying a FIFA game and you cant give a through ball, could you imagine that? even before this patch through balls were rare from the middle, most of them came from the wings.
  11. the problem is they are not fixing what they should. instead of making awareness of defenders better on through balls they "fixed" it by removing through balls from the ME. instead of making fullbacks better defend against wingers they "fixed" it by making wingers run to the middle and shoot at the corner flag.
  12. its not a handicap, its not a tactical issue, but there is definitely a problem there. in all the patches, playing on counter or defensive is too overpowered, and attacking is too underpowered. standard is also a bit underpowered. its obvious that the more attacking you play in this game, the dumber your players become and start making all kinds of different mistakes much more. the issue could be that composure of players in general is very poor, a lot of mistakes are done that make no sense. for example, when i sometimes play attacking, the players just stupidly give the ball away and the opposition easily gets an increase in possession. i know playing more attacking means playing faster which leads to more mistakes, but the mistakes are way too excessive in this ME. it is way too easy to go away to a superior team and dominate the game playing on counter or defensive and it is way too easy that an inferior team comes to your home and dominates you. maybe the issue is not lack of composure or too many idiotic mistakes happening, but there definitely is something wrong that needs to be looked at.
  13. when you exit the game, sometimes it doesnt ask if you want to save your current game.
  14. give him a break, poor guy is witnessing the ME in real life. he must be loosing his mind with what he is seeing.
  15. i dont understand why they have increased the number of shots. the number of shots is perfect on the 13.1.2 patch. the only thing that needed to be fixed was increase the accuracy of longshots. i know british football is full of teams that dont know how to defend and thus have 10 shots at least. but the ME must be based on global football, not british football. i have seen many games with only 2,3 shots on goal from both teams in a match. i am still hesitating if i should update to the new patch after reading some posts. which one is better in general? also it is funny how they boast that they can now easily release patches through steam, yet when there is an obvious bug that requires a hotfix( such as everyone being messi) they are nowhere to be found and we have to wait 2-3 months in the hope that it will be fixed.
  16. the problem is a combination of poor defending from the fullbacks and GK. what ive noticed is, when the winger beats the fullback for pace, the fullback is too slow to get back or even put a foot in to block the cross( never happens) and the winger has all the time in the world to send a cross, the crosses can sometimes be easily intercepted by the GK, but they never come out of their goal. GKs coming out is poor throughout and not only in this case.
  17. * goalkeepers are extremely poor at coming out to collect easy balls. they just stand for the ball to slowly come to them when they could go a bit forward and collect it. could help with the freezing defenders as well. when a through ball is played behind the defense, they never come out. *deeplying playmaker rarely plays through balls despite being on always. *poor passing at times when not under pressure all over the pitch. *players holding on to the ball a bit too long at times. *too many own goals.
  18. the problem is it sometimes just makes no sense. here is an example. i just started a save with Rayo, i offered 31 year old free agent asier del horno a contract as first team player for 6K, with his agent receiving 60K. he then goes and signs for Sabadeli a division below for 2.4K. how does one explain that? there is also a bug when you get a player on trial, his demands will double or triple what he would ask if he wasnt on trial.
  19. these players shouldnt be transfer listed in the first place. there are way too many top players requesting transfers when they shouldnt.
  20. after my last game, where my DC was in perfect position to intercept a through ball but decided to freeze and let the striker score, i decided enough is enough and closed the game. this is not a football simulation, its just random things happening with no difference to what tactics you use. has anyone had any success with attacking strategy? i havent scored even 1 goal on that strategy!!!
  21. there is nothing you can do to prevent that. players in this ME are just ******** morons. #- passing in general is a bit poor, specially from midfielders with high passing stats. i have lost count of how many times a player in midfield passes straight into the opposition, and with how they are ******** morons, that opposition player just lets the ball touch him and he then stands still doing nothing as other players run to take the ball. when on the counter, when player x has the ball and player Y is making a run, player x passes where player Y is standing and not where he is running. player x here is wittingham who has great passing skills. #- a bit too many goals scored centrally when the GK should save it. #- support strikers and inside forwards are highly ineffective. watching on extended highlights, they are almost never involved in any attacks and barely start attacks. when the ball is in central position, inside forward(attack) doesnt get into good positions. #- movement of players just makes no sense at times. they dont try to win the ball, they run away from the ball, they freeze at times. and, graphically this is the worst FM in history, i can barely see the ball(horrific nightmare when the game is played under the sun), the pitch always look awful, the players movement looks extremely unrealistic, way worse than fm09 even.
  22. #- throw-ins thrown straight to the opposition. #- defenders not closing down attackers and letting them run by them easily. #- team x launches a counter attack from a corner and hits a long ball to its striker who is positioned to the right side of the pitch(far from goal), the two defenders are positioned on the left side of the pitch(much closer to the goal), they stand still and dont try to close down the striker until it is too late. #- players holding on to the ball a bit too much sometimes. #- target man still is obsolete, still havent seen once a long ball from the defense to the target man. #- attacking strategy doesnt work well, players play like headless chickens, give the ball away easily, and let the opposition pass the ball around too easily. #- DCs letting go of STs near the edge so they get 1-on-1 with GK at a very tight angle. #- closing down a bit flawed as players go next to oppostion but don't actually try to win the ball. #-defenders sleeping on through balls>>>http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/332832-Braindead-defenders-when-through-ball-is-played
  23. this is great. is it possible to have 3 or 4 panels instead of 2?
  24. where do i change the training workload for players?????????????????? in my coach meeting it says player x is unhappy for having very heavy workload, i cant find anywhere to change the freaking workload
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