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  1. ive now seen this question 3 times without answer. my demo updated something 360MB but my game was still 2.2 now it is updating again 676MB???????????
  2. they are not own goals, but shots straight at the gk who parries it into his own net. there is definitely something wrong with GK reflexes and i do not have time to post it in the bugs forum.
  3. GKs putting the ball into their own net is definitely an ME issue. it happens almost every game.
  4. is there any plan to fix tactic familiarity? it takes ages to get to decent levels.
  5. the importance of the whole tactical familiarity is ridiculous. its effect on the play is way too high and it is extremely flawed to begin with.
  6. there is no "on" and "off" sign on opp. instructions screen as the previous games when subs happen. WHY SI? WHY? assmen are totally inept at press and team talks. i hired this guy with 17 in motivating and man management and he is terrible. in fact all assmen reply the same way. those stats are just superficial.
  7. i dont think there is anything wrong with ratings. players just make a lot of silly and stupid decisions which lead to poor play.
  8. there is a gamebreaking bug in registration. players like gerrard and johnson are not being counted as the "trained in england for 3 years before 21st brithday". i have had to leave 7 spots free.
  9. completely agree with this. also team instructions dont even work. my team instructions: 1)swap wide players 2)drill crosses 3)exploit the middle wide players dont swap, crosses are float, and my adv. playmaker keeps passing it wide.
  10. my first point was that i just saw 1 goal from outside the box in 16 MATCHES!!! on the slider issue, they should have atleast kept it an option. i want to tell my players exactly what to do not some role which i dont know how it is setup up. you tell your players to make runs often or shoot less, not go out there and play trequartista. you think coaches when picking the team say 'ok you play there as shadow striker and you play as complete forward'?? there is the instructions buttons that helps a bit but with the sliders you knew how each role operated and easily changed it to your liking. i never enjoyed 13 due to the ME and if the final version of 14 is similar to this last patch then im not going to waste my time on it. thats my opinion and feedback.
  11. ok so ive played the demo until december and decided its enough. 16 games played. 1 goal from outside the box which was hit straight at GK who put it into his own net. 0 goals from direct/indirect freekicks. easy headers being hit poorly. players not closing down wide players yet 99% of the time are in the perfect place to block for corner/throw in. no one marking players in dangerous positions during throw in. players holding the ball far too long for no reason(critical bug in 13, improved but needs more tweaking). every highlight starts from a corner. throw in, or goalkick. there is no variation in the ME. all the matches take the same shape and the same kind of goals result. worldclass players and average players all seem to play the same. there is no magic in the ME. no individual brilliance whatsoever. i barely see a player dribbling past players or players using their technique to change the game. the removal of sliders is an extremely poor decision as now i don't know what i am instructing my players to do. before id choose lets say advanced playmaker attack and if he was a slow player id change his run often to sometimes but now i dont even know on what it is set by itself. the roles are all good and all but how am i supposed to know what that role is going to do? not everyone has the same understanding of a role by name. am i supposed to just assume things based on that one paragraph that the game provides??? this i have to stress is really a brainfart decision to remove them from the game. all in all, the ME is far from enjoyable or realistic.
  12. do team instructions work? i know for sure that my wide players are not swapping their positions when its ticked and with exploit the middle i see my midfielders often passing it wide when there are 2-3 players available in the middle.
  13. it actually really needs just a few clicks. change the wingplayers in the standard 3 defense systems from ML/MR to WBL/WBR and the AI will pick the right players for the formation.
  14. the last part has been said in the forums at least since fm10. for 4 years SI couldnt fix what would just be 2-3 clicks of work.
  15. decided to play the demo but Steam saying cannot connect to server after going online.
  16. how is the application performance? is it as pathetic as fm13 making your PC fan run at full speed in 10mins?
  17. wait. for the first time ive completely stopped playing FM13 as i cannot go through one more match with this ME.
  18. the ME is in a poor state though. yes it has potential but you cant say it is lightyears ahead of 12 when it even has basic problems such as passing and shooting.
  19. this is a problem with the horrific ME and there is not much you can do about it. in general, no matter what instructions you give your wide men, they will just stay wide and often cut inside and make a mess of a shot. off the ball 11 is not bad for lower league and should get you results for what you are trying to achieve. though it doesnt really matter, i have had players with off the ball 18 and very well rounded stats( fully peeked mattia destro, eduardo vargas, lass bangoura) and have found the same thing as you. they just stay next to the full back and dont run into the channels. sometimes the space is so big that the inside forward stays on the wing and my fullback on support duty goes into the channel instead. another ME bug where players often wrongfully pass into feet instead of space doesnt help the cause either and ruins tons of counter-attacks all over the 90 minutes and happens all over the pitch.
  20. the main problem is the mentality at the club that wenger has created rather than player sales.
  21. players hold on to the ball for too long until they are closed down where they hoof the ball wingers on hug touchline and crosses often cut inside a lot awareness of midfielders is poor when the ball is kicked into midfield from either side of the pitch. passes from the GK straight to the opposition ST on goal kicks
  22. football is part of skill, intelligence, and something says well a bit unpredictable. LOL.
  23. they should release whatever improvements they have made so far, it simply cant be worse than what we currently got.
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