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  1. strikers still dont defend which means you still cant play with 2 strikers. you would think they would fix this after 3-4 versions of the game going through 15-20 patches in total. in fact the AM now even joins them as they stay next to each high up as your team is being attacked. no i dont want to use a defensive forward. no my tactics are not extra offensive. yes they are on support duty.


    in general, i mostly find the same things that stopped me playing the previous versions of the game still there in full effect. 

  2. when are you guys going to fix the ridiculous loan fees?

    205k per month for ospina. 2.4M per year

    100k per month for bielek. 1.2M per year

    extremely easy to take advantage of. been this way for years. no one is going to pay that much for a straight loan IRL for said players.

    when are you guys going to fix screens going up and down by themselves. in scouting screen you click to scout and it goes down by itself. you go to profile, click back and it has gone up. been this way for years.


    scouting system is very poorly implemented.

  3. instructions that dont seem to be working:

    1- pass shorter and roll it out for GKs. my GK keeps on hoofing the ball despite his instructions.

    2- prevent short GK distribution. my players are very clearly not doing this as the opposition defense are not marked or pressed at all during their goal kicks.


    also, have loaded a medium database with the top 2 divisions of the top 5 leagues and there are some outside teams with very few real players. for example, i encountered AZ Alkmaar in the europa league and they had only 2 players in their squad.

  4. 1- most goals are coming from crosses. they are far too effective. 70-80% of the goals have come from crosses in my games.

    2- 17,18 year old youth players on youth contracts asking for backup status on promises page when they are no where near good enough to be in the first team squad. playing as roma, players like Diallo Ba and Andrea Marcucci not accepting hot prospect status.

  5. why not put a "do not show this message again" option when scouting a player for a month/full knowledge and every time it asks if you want to "include match highlights" for the player. it is extremely tedious specially when scouting multiple players and is a waste of time.

    the blurry background that appears after clicking some stuff looks really poor and makes the interface seem slow and buggy. should be removed completely from the game.

    there is a bug when in player shortlists and scouting all known players and staff. when you click on a player and then go back to the player/staff shortlist screen, it has loaded something else and you can see this something else for 1-2 seconds before it automatically loads what you want. it also very often goes to the top of the page or up which makes it very unpleasant when scouting players.

    classic 2D is jerky while 3D runs perfectly fine. my drivers are upto date.

  6. can SI please stop changing the UI every year and moving things around just to make it look new? it has been getting worse every year for 4-5 years now. an example is the transfer offer screen or the contract negotiation screen. the main offer is all the way to the left while the installments are all the way to the right. just to negotiate for a transfer/contract you have to go all over the place on the screen from left to right to bottom to top while before it was all neatly next to each other. it was so annoying on fm16 demo that i had to give contract responsibility to my assistant just to avoid seeing that screen.

  7. On 7/13/2016 at 16:39, Alari Naylor said:

    What sort of formation are you playing?

    it has more to do by how poor the transfer system is and how easy it is to take advantage of it rather than the ME/formations.

    1- top players often transfer listed at 25% value and no one seems to want to buy them giving the player all the time in the world  to pick them up.

    2- AI not having a clue about value of player. not giving contracts to players with expiring contracts or selling them before their contracts expire.

    3- too easy to buy free and sell. i can make 150Mil every year buying a dozen of players and selling each the next year for 10-15Mil. main problem is AI clubs not buying good players for free and then they are ready to pay you 2Mil to loan them that same year. if they are willing to loan the player for 2Mil, why not just sign him for free? 


    all in all, this game will always be easy as long as the AI is a farce in the transfers. the AI must be much more aggressive and act more like the player of the game.


  8. Change him to a wide midfielder. The whole concept of the role of a winger is that he'll dribble more than average with the ball, hence why that's a built in instruction. If you want to rein that in, then simply change his role to one where dribbling more isn't so much of a feature of the role. Such as a wide midfielder or a defensive winger.

    EDIT - as an addendum to this, if you give the wide midfielder the other three in-built instructions that a winger has (as the WM has no preset PIs), then this effectively would make him a winger with dribbling more taken away. You can also add other PIs to this role as well to tailor as suits.

    there is no wide midfielder in the AML/AMR spot, and besides that was just an example. what if i want my attacking midfielder not to make through passes all the time or if i want my advanced playmaker to cross the ball when a good crossing opportunity arises or if i want my fullback to go forward but not cross at every opportunity??

    they should either remove the greyed out parts or let us create our own roles with the current roles as a template. at the moment, the tactics are limited and feel forced to play in a particular way, specially the fullbacks on attack as whatever you choose it seems you cant stop the "cross often" instruction. for a game that is about managing/coaching a football team, it is very disappointing that it is designed this way on purpose forcing you to play in a certain way.

  9. You can select the row in the list and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move up/down lists

    "Scrolling doesn't work either", there's a couple of ways I can think of scrolling, how are you trying to scroll?

    scrolling with laptop touch pad. it doesnt move at all. rarely it moves for a fraction of a second and then nothing. i have tried with kinectic scrolling ticked and unticked.

  10. The media are just going with the flow, as usual...

    Two weeks ago Balotelli was the Hero, now he's the villain. It's disgusting but hardly surprising... He and Prandelli are taking the blame, while his teammates are getting away with both terrible performances and lack of professionalism.

    But we all know Balotelli is too big of an asset to the media (especially to tabloid-like ones) for them to turn their back on him for good... He'll be back with some inane gossip and after the first league goal next season he'll be hyped to the moon as if nothing happened.

    his teammates arent getting away with anything. yes they had a poor tournament but everyone knows the main culprit is prandelli with his cluster**** decisions and his failing forward who if his name was not balotelli wouldnt be anywhere near the squad. everyone is blaming crapdelli and balotelli and rightfully so. the guy is more concerned with his stickers and hair and disrespected the whole group going onto the bus while everyone waited outside. the guy likes to play the role of a victim, but he deserves everything coming his way.

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