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  1. Has the crash going from tactics screen to match day screen on Macs been fixed?
  2. This is absolutely spot on. We are the paying customer, yet year after year WE are the ones who suffer because of SI's inability to produce a working game on release. Not even EA show this much contempt for their consumers.
  3. Getting absolutely sick of crash dumps before games. I've now had 3 in a couple of hours. No response after uploading my crash dump. Why don't you try and make a game playable on release for once? We pay money for it every year and nothing ever changes.
  4. Also: The last few years I figured out a work around of not using Steam by locating the actual fm.exe file in my computer and fixing that link to my taskbar (I get an annoying message asking if my Mac will allow it to use my computer, can't change it no matter what). This years is different. The file won't open and I have to go through Steam. Has it just been a fluke until now or has something changed? Apologies if this is in the wrong thread.
  5. Are there any plans to release a follow up data patch? Things like managerial changes etc? I want to start my long term save, just in case there's another patch due soon
  6. I have a MacBook Pro retina that's about 2 years old. The last few years have been fine with 8 nations loaded and a large database. No issues with loading times or match engine problems. The laptop does tend to sound as though it will take off when a match is being played though
  7. Lat year and previous years the pitch looked perfect. This year it seems "fuzzy". Everything else in the stadium is smooth and polished but the pitch isn't a patch (no pun intended) on previous versions
  8. Can anyone confirm that the grass looks different (ie a bit worse) this year. I'm Chelsea and the pitch is "perfect" and using a Macbook Pro Retina so it won't have anything to do with my graphics card. Just looks a bit "fuzzy" overall compared with last years bowling green like texture.
  9. I've finally had enough. This is the first FM in years where after January I've felt the game is still unplayable and littered with bugs. I've built a very good Southampton side and recently just signed the golden boot winner for £48million from the past three seasons who scored 34, 31 and 38 goals for Liverpool in those seasons. My tactic always got the best out of my strikers, he joins and goes on a 14 game goalless streak, finishing his first season with 8 goals. Half way through his second season and he's scored 4. He's getting shifted. I finished 5th last season and two of my main players requested a transfer as they want to play Champions League football. Fair enough request, I reassured them that we'd qualify this year. Both players come November ask for a transfer again as I "failed to keep my promise." We're sitting 2nd for God's sake. In November. Then the Scotland job becomes available and I declare my interest in the job, only for the board to demand an explanation as to why I'm flirting with "inferior clubs" as they put it. That's without mentioning the regens. Dear God the regens. Even if I was to continue with this abortion of a save, it will likely end within 5 or 6 years due to the fact that the quality of regens entering the game are atrocious. Think James Milner level stats at the beginning of a save, that regen would command a fee of around £40million in my save.
  10. Don't know if it's been raised but free kicks from 20 yards are either goals or they hit the crossbar. Never over, saved or wide. Still too many penalties
  11. Decent enough patch. However, there are still far too many penalties given. I'm averaging one every other game. Before the patch there was a game with 5 penalties, after the patch I've just had a game where 3 were given.
  12. A small gripe is the really high appearance fees players want in addition to unused sub appearances. Theses can be around 50% of their actual weekly wage. For a player I intend to play every week, this is really high
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