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  1. Lack of Club Freedom

    They could say "we'll build a stadium, because it's in the best long term interests of the club. This will however, mean a reduction in your transfer budget for the next X seasons. Can you achieve the same targets on a lower budget?"
  2. If they're good enough, I'd play them as much as they can, but never if their fitness is below 95%.
  3. Encourage Agent Ownership??

    And which countries allow 3rd party ownership, is it pretty much South America + Portugal?
  4. Encourage Agent Ownership??

    Does anyone know how this works, and what the advantage is? I presume, that if you're a poorer team, in a country that allows 3rd party owenership, you can encourage the agent to buy most of a player, and so you only need to pay for part of him (although you'll obviously not get so much of an asset, you'll get the player in your team)?
  5. I signed a young Japanese player on a work permit (England) a couple of years ago. His contract is running down but the work permit renewal gets rejected. I have a vague recollection of in the old days them playing a certain % of the club's games qualify - is it based on club games at all, or just % of international matches?
  6. What?! So i've been a chump for not adding these at all (until now!)?
  7. I'm going to start a game as Lille. On FM13, I had a long running game as Napoli where I dominated, but started to feel guilty as I kept poaching fantastic players of Lille's production line.
  8. Hi Been inspired by this challenge - I heard a while back that you don't get TV or prize money from Serie A (obviously a very long way off, but still...) has this been patched yet?
  9. San Marino??

    How does gaining San Marinese nationality work?
  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Can anyone beat this? Obviously I've got a very good team by now (4 out of the last 5 CLs), and I've had the odd 10-0, but never anything like this - Pires doubled the scoring in a match record!
  11. This Is Madness

    no, this is SPARTA!
  12. All the ones you might want.
  13. Not sure about injuries, but I seem to be seeing a lot of red cards (for and against), anecdotally since the patch . So far this season I've had 7 reds in 11 games, .
  14. the film moneyball

    Also in terms of wider incorporation of statistics into football decision making, some basic analysis of freekicks is very interesting. Apparently, even with fantastically gifted players in a perfect position, you're almost always better off lumping the ball into the box, than trying to shoot. The trouble is, because the direct free kicks that go in are so memorable, people over-estimate the chances if success.