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  1. One for sorrow, two for joy. A tale of the Magpies.

    I came into this thread expecting a tale of Newcastle United, my team, and instead found myself captivated by the trials, tribulations and successes of the mighty Chorley FC and their homely manager, Danny Preston and loved it. In short there are now definitely two Magpies in my life.
  2. Shine Like the Stars- Harrow Hill in FM 08

    Great read! I love all your Harrow Hill epics. Good luck in the Championship.
  3. Tactic is working very well so far with my previously underachieving League One Ramsgate team, 11 games unbeaten and some fine results including twice coming back from more than a goal down with 10 men. I've tried most of the 9.3 tactics and this is the best one I've seen. Thank you very much
  4. I think you could be on to something here Tim. I've got a game going with Ramsgate in League One, the previous season I was tipped to be relegated but because of the outstanding nature of Pointon's original tactics I only just missed out on the play-offs. With the new season starting the board expected a top half finish and armed with mega bucks from a Sugar Daddy chairman and a squad brimming with 'decent Premiership players' (according to my coaches ) I had high expectations of promotion and possibly the title. Then the patch hit and, of course, my players were transformed into donkeys without the Sexy Football to help them out. I waited for Pointon to work his magic and eagerly installed the V2 tactic when it arrived but sadly after playing half a season I've found myself in a relegation scrap. I tried your changes on a slightly older save, before everything went pear shaped and the team has been transformed. I'm now winning home games again and scoring more than the occasional corner goal. Away is still slightly sketchy but I've had wins and a few draws but the main thing is as you said the team aren't being totally dominated.
  5. I've been trying the W-M using the classic tactic supplied in WWFan's TTF Documents/Tactics folder but the AMC's are getting consistently poor ratings (under 6) unless they manage to bundle the ball into the net. I am Ramsgate in League One however so this may be the explanation but it seems odd that everyone else in the team plays so well, especially the fullbacks.
  6. Tactic for teams of all levels

    I'm finding the wingers play well & provide a lot of the assists, however after a time I did find that the SC wasn't playing so well, so I increased his mentality by 2 clicks to attacking and it's improved his performance a great deal both in scoring and rating (even when he doesn't score). What I really like about this tactic is it's defensive solidity and if you score first it can be lethal on the counter.
  7. Tactic for teams of all levels

    Thanks very much for this tactic mancity12. I'm using it with Ramsgate in the Conference Premier with considerable success despite not having *ahem* the most technically gifted of squads. The only change I make is turn off counter attacking for home games unless I'm very heavily favoured to lose.
  8. 3D View - Men and Blobs

    I had the man blobs in my second friendly, the first game was fine. Weird thing is the substitutes appeared fine but the original players were still Mr. Blobbys! Great game though, I'm really enjoying my first FM for nearly 2 years