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  1. "Serioulsy, man....." you have made your point and opened it for discussion, then you were quite cheeky in 1 or 2 of your replies. You can't even realize when your bitter.....wow.
  2. Wow......such an in depth reply. Have you posted in the bugs forum?
  3. That one line shows that you are just bitter atm and therefore nobody will listen to your argument. It's not a perfect ME, but do you want to code? It seems that everyone that has a comment about it doesn't know how difficult it is to program this. "Realism" in football is such a subjective topic because there are random examples in the real world of football. This is a minor problem. For SI to consider it a major problem, every other goal should be like this and not just from a handful of people but from a lot LOT more. Be patient and SI will fix it.
  4. Will this run FM OK?

    I have practically the same laptop, except toshiba, and it is unreal. I can play TF2, Mafia 2 and CS:GO on high settings at a constant 30 fps. Its a great integrated chip, obviously, there are better out there but its brilliant. Oh yea, and you can have all the details in the 3d match and it will run flawlessly. Its great!
  5. hahahahaha, I will never cross that divide! Unfortunately, they have had back to back promotions in my game.
  6. Celtic, because I am having a bet with my dad. I said I could win champs league with Celtic in 5 seasons. 1st season failed epicly, 2nd season first knockout round was kicked out by an own goal. I hope to leave them for a lower league club after the 5 seasons. I love taking teams from be the bottom right to the top!
  7. Holidaying

    They removed it because IIRC, they said it can cause problems later on in saves. I cannot remember where I read it, but it was removed in the last game.
  8. I got fleetwood up to the prem and the stadium is one of my major problems. Took over when they were in the Blue Square with something like 2500 capacity. I then got them upgraded to a capacity of 12500 when I got into the prem. So after continued success, they decided to upgrade by 20000 seats, but the council blocked it Now they are planning to build a new stadium but nothing has came of it yet. Have to wait another 4/5 seasons for it to build. I got to champs league semis in a 12500 seater stadium. Lol.
  9. This PC......

    Nice desktop, I dont think it should it have a problem! Running EVERY league though, causes problems for ANY computer, but it should run FM very well.
  10. Ground Sharing

    The annoying thing about it was that for the whole season, we were in the red. They havent upgraded the training facilities or youth facilities. They are "minimal". Its annoying. But at the same time, I am just glad to be going up to the championship. Now hoping to go to EPL!
  11. Hi, Partly boasting here but just took Fleetwood to the championship and they need to expand the stadium and I get this message: http://imgur.com/wJS7Y Just wondering if anyone had seen this before?
  12. Links or it didn't happen. IIRC, there was a thread for last years game and someone explained about legal reasons. I am not 100% sure but hopefully a mod or someone from SI will shed some light on this.
  13. Barside, your whole first paragraph basically tells me "Don't do it". The whole point was to go to another continent, not just stay in Europe, I wanted to go to Brazil or America. Played too many European Leagues, but I wanna keep my manager and rep therefore I won't start a new game.
  14. Hi, I tell you what it is. I am wanting to add more leagues so I can possibly manage in a different country. However, I know that there have been a few problems with this function and I wanted to know if it will corrupt my save? Thanks
  15. Am I sad?............

    So it was a joke? Thats ok then, its just hard to recognise sarcasm in text.