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    I play for Chelsea Under 15 level And always have time to play FM, I GOT FM, 07,08,09,10. PS3 OWNER

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    Sport: Football

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    Manchester Utd
  1. Most people won't know me but hi anyway.... So heres the Deal... I havent bought FM11 Yet.. (Haven't been botherd, been kinda busy with football and Fifa 11 Ultimate Team) Do you think i should buy it now or wait till FM12 Comes out?
  2. Thomas Muller is a striker, he only played as a Inside Foward in the WC because no one elese could play there....
  3. My team is full of Academy Players... Am manchester united on my 12th season...... 4 strikers - Michael Jackson (25 Years Old, 35 Caps, 29 Goals ) - Ben Deakin (23 Years Old, 20 Caps, 4 Goals) - Ian Jennings (19 Years Old, Youth Caps) - Jason Bateson (20 Years Old, 1 Cap) 2 Midfielders - Grant Browne (17 Years Old, Youth Caps) - Wayne Adams (25 Years Old, 5 Caps) No Defenders
  4. Ganso (Paulo Henrique) - Only 20 Years Old - Plays For Santos - Already has a Cap for Brazil - Been Labelled as the next Zidane and Kaka - The Fifa Team (EA) made him 82 for someone who plays in Brazil - R.Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester Utd, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Manchester City all linked with the Playmaker And Thomas Muller - Top goal scorer in World Cup at the age of 20 Thats all i have to say... Goalkeeper: Alphonse Aerola Defender: Mahamadu Sakho Midfielder: Ganso Striker: Thomas Muller
  5. Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    I Am so serious i did not edit him (My editor dont work anyway) I bought him at the age of 15, my scout found him i was stunned..... He is also Polish, but born in France, And by 15 he was a first team regular for his club. Here is a picture..... 4 Years later, hes not a regular yet but plays alot of games, he looks sensational, and has 13 International Caps to his name, (I think he is a International Regular) What do you Guys Think?
  6. who will you sign first?

    Ganso (Paulo Henrique) the next zidane He's overall on fifa 11 is 82 and whats amazing is that he's in the Brazillian League and only 19...
  7. Attribute of 20?

    My Canales, 31 Years Old now 20 Passing 20 Creativity Bought him for 20M..... when 24
  8. FM2011: Who will be the new stars?

    Asamoah Gyan has impressed in recent weeks with his performances with Sunderland in the Premier League and also Carling Cup, But he also impressed in World Cup 2010 Performances, Which earn him recognistion of being in the top 10 players in the World Cup 2010. I think that Asamoah Gyan was under rated on FM10 although hes rating were ok on FM 09 and 08 AND 07. what do you think, should he be the one to progress PS am not a sunderland fan....
  9. Neep Help Please...

    boxed but its connected to steam
  10. Neep Help Please...

    yh but when i copy nd paste nothing comes up
  11. Neep Help Please...

    I Cant find the Editor, i've looked everywhere.... can someone please direct me there.. I have Windows 7 Thanks... Sorry if its the wrong section.....
  12. Why .. I cant accept that am getting A new stadium...

    this will do it
  13. Why .. I cant accept that am getting A new stadium...

    100000 Its big enough
  14. Ok.. Am man utd and i just got news that a new stadium was coming I never expected it but then they are naming it after me.... I dont want it lol Old trafford was good enough
  15. FM2011: Who will be the new stars?

    Rooney - Heading, Finishing, Creativity all high Hernandez - Finishing, Pace, Determination.. Andre Ayew - Strength, Tackling, Dribbling, Determination, Bravery Kwadwo Asamoah - Creativity, Strength, Dribbling, Asamoah Gyan - Finishing, Strength, Determination, Penalty Taking (Seriously he did score 2 out of 3)