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  1. Hi @Hugo Mendes Albino, The issue didn't show up for some in-game months - or, if it succeeded, we didn't notice it, but last night there we were again. So, as you can see there's this issue: the goalkeeper Giacomo Giocatore has NO physical condition - how is that even possible? I mean, one would expect at least some 1% to show up. I'm not even bothered by that Nelson Atiagli who played the whole match as an injured player and in the end of his 90'+extra time managed to have his 76% as a wingback - that's more of a matter of investigation for the anti-doping authority. Shots to save indeed he had - one would expect that at least one of them got past him, but his inexistent condition turned him into a sort of Golden Ball winner Yashin. Wow, he must be a champion - I thought. That's why I investigated his profile. To find out that this CA 57, PA 90-ish guy appears not to have played any match - neither the match itself nor any other match ever! It still shows physical condition 1%, tho. Should I think that playing the match somehow increased his condition to 1%, and that during the match his condition was 0% or even a negative value? Latina-Casertana.pkm I do not have answers. From my experience, I can only make my guess: there's a condition value under 2500/10000 (I do not know the exact value) that the match engine, in its calculation, somehow changes into a huge positive amount - I don't have any programming skills to state it's a matter of integer and float values or whatever it is, that's just my opinion. I don't know wheter I will be able to provide other info, but please let me know if you need anything and if you think you can work this issue out.
  2. The issue: players with <25% condition performing as they were Ronaldo & Beckham. I noticed that, when players reach a low condition, they turn themselves into world class craques. It doesn't matter whether they actually are mid-class Serie A players or PA 90's non-league amateurs, these players manage to overturn a match. Let's focus on R. Preparatore Atletico and A. Giocatore. As we see, they ended the match at 5% condition, performing 3 created occasions, 6 key passes and 1 assist, and at 21% condition, performing 1 created occasion, 2 key passes, 1 assist and scoring 4 goals. is there an actual link between the low condition and a top flight performance due to what the Match Engine elaborates? I believe so. Take a look at A. Giocatore's attributes. You'll notice that he's not meant to overperform that much, when meeting a CA 120 average team. He did have a low condition, tho. Is that enough to think of a bug? I think so. Even if I don't have any access to the server where these things happened - so I can't provide a pkm yet - I managed to get some video highlights of the match. The said players were in the white team. Highlights of the match I also noticed that giving a team the lowest morale also gives a significant boost to their performance. This might be unrelated, as well as it might matter indeed. I hope to be able to provide something more relevant soon. I'll be happy to answer to any further enquiry, should I be able to.
  3. Nice to hear of that, I'll try to keep track of any other issue I see
  4. Second half's injury time - around minute 95 After scoring 3-3, AS Roma commits foul near the opponent's box. Torino begins a number of passes from the free kick, which actually get the ball in AS Roma's box. Torino's attacker shoots, the ball hits a player, then Torino's striker slides and puts the ball in the net, it's clearly a regular goal. Match Engine doesn't agree and concedes a goal kick to AS Roma while the ball never got out of the pitch. ME1922 - Torino - Roma.pkm Video of the said happening
  5. I'd ask for a better local competition criteria. If I want to create a Saxony, a Brandenburg, a Berlin and a Thuringia subdivision, which are all part of a football pyramid level, I'd rather have a "pick teams from region: Brandenburg AND region: Berlin" instead of a coordinates system which might include undesired zones (like Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in this case). Currently, it happens frequently that teams from Sardinia join leagues in Lombardy, which is hundred of kilometers distant, increasing travelling expenses - that makes no sense to me. Just to point that, Italian system has Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A for Serie A, Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B for Serie B, Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico for Lega Pro, Lega Nazionale Dilettanti for Serie D and the regional committees of Lega Nazionale Dilettanti organizing local leagues from Eccellenza to Terza Categoria. Completely and definitely agreeing with this. Implying that one should pay to create custom databases and receive nothing in change. Pure logic. Ok, official SI database is made up that way, but then if I revamp the Welsh system you either have to pay me for the content or SI for the editor.
  6. Can someone explain me how to set transfer in Nation rules on FM12 advanced editor? I mean this table I can't deal with. I want to set one from July 1st to August 31st and another one from January 1st to January 31st.
  7. Only a question. Is version 1.99 fully suitable with Oct 27th FM update by SI?
  8. Joined the petition for the default entry of Editor Advanced Panel.
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