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  1. AIC Player of the Month is voted by fans on l'Ultimo Uomo Facebook page. Lega Serie A Player of the Month is somehow attributed by the League itself, not voted as far as I know.
  2. A.S.D. Gela F.C. - Missing ID - ? Eccellenza Sicilia Girone B https://www.tuttocampo.it/Sicilia/Eccellenza/GironeB/Squadra/GelaFC/932309/Scheda Gela FC was formed in 2018 and competed in Terza Categoria Ragusa, which eventually won. Following Città di Gela's (ID 2204) retirement from Serie D Girone I after 2018/19 season, the Municipality of Gela indicated Gela FC as the successor of the retired club. As of 2019/20 season, Città di Gela is an EXTINCT CLUB and Gela FC plays in Eccellenza Sicilia Girone B.
  3. 1) They have the same exact personalities, so that shouldn't be a problem. 2) Ok, that's what I knew. I would have guessed there's something else which somehow relates to this, but that's fine. 4) So - if I get it right - since it's a new feature in FM20, in FM19 acquired partnerships are not retained if I as a new manager take over the team. That would explain a bit of things.
  4. Or whatever you call them, I'm not sure what's the exact word for that, so: these green lines linking players who happen to share the same portion of the pitch (image taken from another thread). Playing both FM19 and FM20, I still haven't got how these graphic representations of a functional partnership between 2-3 players work. I had players who required just 10 matches to link to their teammates, some required about a season. Despite the tactic, I know these info are stored somewhere and show as links even with different formations, so there's sort of an alchemy which is recorded and associated to these players. Now, I happen to be managing in an online career on FM19 where most of my footballers played together the first season (roughly 50 matches) + 6 preseason friendlies + another 10 matches with a manager, and then I came in as the new manager. I'm now at november of the second season, and I can't see any of those lines. I find it quite strange, even more if I consider that 2 of my CB played enough match together and are National Team mates. I would expect them to show that green link. So, the main questions are: - how long does it take to develop this sort of a partnership? - how are those partnerships developed? - how can a human encourage or speed up the development of these partnerships? - does changing manager delete previously developed partnerships?
  5. Missing localization strings. I'll make my suggestions here: Line 2 - Hai facoltà di confermare i suggerimenti, di effettuare modifiche ai suggerimenti sottostanti oppure di scegliere di non usare per niente un codice etico. Puoi anche chiedere a [Assistant Manager] di suggerirti una soluzione. Line 3 - Se non stabilisci adesso un codice etico avrai la possibilità di punire i giocatori in base ad una valutazione caso per caso.
  6. I see your point, but there's more to take into account - let me guess some: responsibilities in the club, club philosophy, DoF's attributes, Chairman's attributes, league/nation preferences and behaviour, and how all of the above is set in the database you're using. You could also have set some role in a way that doesn't suit your expectations. Of course you have to consider what the player's, the club's, your personal, the league's and the DoF's home and world reputations are, and how they relate to each other. As far as I know, players' ages should be set in the Scouting section, and then the DoF should - but is in no way expected to - follow those criteria. Just don't forget the DoF is a typical Italian role: the headcoach asks for a player capable of doing certain things, then the DoF selects some profile careless of age or whatever and submits them to the headcoach. If it's ok, then he starts negotiations. English football is used to have managers personally picking players and negotiating. The kind of DoF you describe is something atypical.
  7. It's just my interpretation, but I get that this Brett guy is substantially asking for a "can i haz change instantly how difficult will it be for my DoF to sign a certain category of players?" Meaning "Hey, I'm Huddersfield Town. I want my DoF to sign Raheem Sterling, but he won't succeed. Can I pick a button and have my DoF to succeed? And even get back to the original difficulty level once I'm done with it?" In this sense, Miles' words make sense - and I personally agree with him. GIB MOAR OR GIT REKT What can be modified of pitches, balls, kits and nets are textures, which are not so damn hard to edit. Stadiums and players in the 3D engine are models, and that's not what we end-users are allowed to edit. There's some serious work on 3D modeling programs people like me can't even work out.
  8. It is widely used - indeed it's not something casuals would use. A better UI would be hugely appreciated tbh, plus we've heard for several requests all over the years.
  9. Almost a month late, but I feel the need to answer to this topic. Stadium editor could be a major feature, if implemented in a decent way. I mean, the database is likely to include info about what stadiums look like. Are they Olympic-style or just 4 stands around the pitch? Is it all covered or are there stands without any coverage? And then, as effects in-game (and I mean apart from the graphic appearance), where will the public be? Will they prefer a cheaper stand even when it rains, or will they sit in the covered VIP-stand? Different prices could be set between different stands. When renewing or building a new stadium, the management could choose the style of the whole stadium. Or simply, think about lower league stadia. For instance, there are Italian Serie C or Serie D stadia with some 500-1000 people stands on one side only. Some have 2 stands, one of which is uncovered. I'd love to see that reflected in-game, and not seeing a small "perfect" stadium. Eventually, stadium editor can actually bring Football Manager one step closer to realism - what's more, it's a feature that can be developed even from videogames that have 20+ years now! I agree on most of these. International Management is something that could be improved, but I've experienced it way few times. I don't care too much of that - I personally still love Virtua Striker 2 and 3 - but I expect FM to costantly improve, even when it actually seems that it's not an upgraded DB and some slight UI change as I've seen in the past.
  10. Via pre-game editor, you can set a different 3D match kit - just copy the home kit, change what you need to change, and set it as kit number 0 selecting it to be used in UCL as choosen competition. It actually is easier to do rather than to explain it. It should also be available via in-game editor. What you cannot do - at least it's not been possible until today, and so it has been for years - is having your team showing different kits (I mean those downloaded from Sortitoutsi) according to the league or cup they're playing.
  11. I'd ask for a better local competition criteria. If I want to create a Saxony, a Brandenburg, a Berlin and a Thuringia subdivision, which are all part of a football pyramid level, I'd rather have a "pick teams from region: Brandenburg AND region: Berlin" instead of a coordinates system which might include undesired zones (like Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in this case). Currently, it happens frequently that teams from Sardinia join leagues in Lombardy, which is hundred of kilometers distant, increasing travelling expenses - that makes no sense to me. Just to point that, Italian system has Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A for Serie A, Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B for Serie B, Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico for Lega Pro, Lega Nazionale Dilettanti for Serie D and the regional committees of Lega Nazionale Dilettanti organizing local leagues from Eccellenza to Terza Categoria. Completely and definitely agreeing with this. Implying that one should pay to create custom databases and receive nothing in change. Pure logic. Ok, official SI database is made up that way, but then if I revamp the Welsh system you either have to pay me for the content or SI for the editor.
  12. Can someone explain me how to set transfer in Nation rules on FM12 advanced editor? I mean this table I can't deal with. I want to set one from July 1st to August 31st and another one from January 1st to January 31st.
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