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  1. FM14 - Sticking Close to Home

    Great work on reaching the CL. Also good to see both side sides of the Tyne fighting in Europe next season!!!
  2. Fantastic work reaching the Football League. Shows that kids can achieve things.....
  3. FM14 - Sticking Close to Home

    Unbelievable progress and huge congrats on the FA Cup win. At this rate you should win the Europa League and maybe win the EPL.....good luck for the second season consolidation
  4. FM14 - Sticking Close to Home

    Great job fighting for the play offs. Hopefully you can get over the line. Anything can happen in play off football.
  5. FM14 - Sticking Close to Home

    Amazing efforts mate. Quick question, are there any clubs in England that have either gone up or dropped down the leagues that surprise you? Loving the thread mate, bringing success where it should be!!!!!
  6. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Continuing to grow into one of the outstanding stories in career mode. Brilliant progress. With Gerhard Rieser, how does he score most of his goals? Does he have a main style of play or can he do it all (ie. Complete Forward). Cheers, an absolute pleasure following your story. I hope your having as much fun making it!!!!
  7. Outstanding back to back, congrats!!!!!!
  8. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Congratulations on the EPL and UCL titles!!!!! Also what has happened to Newcastle, Liverpool, Tottenham, etc. Seem to be developing into swing clubs. Good luck with developing the academy as well, will keep the challenge going long into the future.
  9. Great job on promotion, back to back for the boards liking?
  10. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Fantastic effort to make the Champions League final. How was your job security at the start of the season, were you ever in trouble with the board? (despite all you have done!!!!)
  11. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Still got to be happy at mid table, the addition of Europe will take adjusting. In any case, win the league cup and your guaranteed a EL spot, extra incentive. That way you can focus entirely on the EL and take the league as it comes. The fast progress you have made got you into this awesome position!!!! How is your defence holding up? Seems to be working very efficiently in the league!!!
  12. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Fair call, I should have paid attention, as I tend to have leagues loaded on view only. Great work on making the Champions League, brilliant effort!!!!
  13. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Great to see the continued development of Kettering!!! Do you have any other leagues loaded (Spain, France, Italy, Germany)? If so, how are the different leagues developing? Any new clubs coming through?
  14. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Flood is absolutely on fire, continuing to build a side around that goal machine will have you pushing for those European spots!!! Also have to feel some pride at watching players like that both develop and perform at different levels through the game!!
  15. Dont Believe The Hype - Kettering Town

    Huge result against Man City!!!! Hopefully continue pushing up the ranks and into the upper reaches of the EPL.....those results certainly get bums on seats!!!