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  1. Release Date!!!!

    its coming out in Austraila first? surely that can't be right.
  2. requirements for FM 2009

    the GPU is not relevant... the 3D match engine is very basic too. The CPU is more important depending on how beefy the database is going to be if you want it to run fast.
  3. I'm curious has anyone ever won the champions league with all players PA160 or less? I always buy players with a PA170+ as a general rule, am i wrong because i notice some players with fantastic stats in the right area's for a position but with rubbish PA so i have no confidence in them.
  4. I find it so frustrating to buy a player in FM, Genie saves time by letting me know exactly what is needed.... its crazy how clubs want way over the odds for most of their players!
  5. I do not endorse this way of playing the game but from my experience i think it is a valid point. I offered Fabregas £100,000 a week with a 25% pay rise (think this was accidental or he demanded it) Unfortunately when his contract was running down, my board wouldn't allow me to offer him the £200,000 he wanted.
  6. just started creating my own tactics because i always wanted to make a successful tactic. so far i'm having trouble winning possession of the game... usually losing out 40/60% to lesser teams even when i win! :confused: