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  1. I really think there should be an option to help choose sponsors and what the kit looks like. Or at least have the kit changed every so often and get given pics of the new kits. Also I think Optional Press conferences with three or four questions would be good every so often. Instead of just the odd question about a match or transfer target from the media. Maybe a magazine that comes out every month giving an overview of transfers and news in addition to interviews with players and managers. These magazines could be stored in a sort of in-game cabinet if you ever wanted to look through events of past years at a glance. The manager should have some control over the stadium (the type of pitch, shape of stands etc.) and as your reputation grows the board listen more to your ideas on stadium development. Transfer negotiations could be more in depth so that you are given plenty of info as to why a bid was rejected or why a clb is unwilling to sell a player. I know this is sort of already in the game but sometimes I feel frustrated when a bid is rejected and there is no given reason. Transfer dealing is certainly an area that could be worked on anyhow. Perhaps an option to get one player on a loan deal with another going in the other direction. Or the ability to loan a player for more than just one season without tabling a new bid. Think Rui Fonte, Radek Cerny etc. I also agree with what someone put further up as well about putting in your own picture on your manager page, I think that would really personalise the game and make you feel more like it is yourself managing the team. Expaning on the feature in 07 where you get to put your previous status (Professional footballer etc.) I think you should be able to choose exactly which clubs you played for and how well you did there. Just ideas. I know some of them have flaws
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