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  1. Thanks for sad news, Freddie. It is a particularly daunting to see Thiago Silvia, Messi and Di Maria, to name a few, with their Mohawk hairstyle. It is even more heartbreaking for not being able to change them. What a shame. 😖
  2. Hi, FM-ers. I'm running FM2018 on a laptop with GTX1060 with Max-Q graphics card. I also have an external monitor installed. As suggested, I set the vertical sync to Fast. I also update my GeForce Experience to the latest. Frame rate, I set it to 60. Graphics Quality setting to Very High. Thus far, I can see tremendous improvement. The game only stutter occasionally.
  3. Roof Blocking Pitch

    Thanks, Josh. Really appreciate. 👍✌
  4. Roof Blocking Pitch

    Hi, SI. I am still having the same issue against another team. Below is the screenshot: Thank you.
  5. Hi, SI. Having the above problem. It doesn't turn transparent. Below are the screenshot and my camera angle setting. Thank you.
  6. Noted Dave of the error. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
  7. Hi, SI. While managing PSG, i found out about this discrepancy for both the Reserves team and Under 19 team matches. Possession details in Match Report and Match Review do not match. I suppose it is a bug. Below are the screenshots. Thank you.
  8. I do agree. It's happening in my FM2018 too. Below is the screenshot for FM2017 IGE: This is the screenshot for FM2018 IGE: Is it a bug or intentional..? Will be very sad though if it's intentional because it's rather awkward to see players like Messi and Thiago Silva with a mohawk haircut. Still waiting for Neil and Lucas to confirm or affirm the missing feature.
  9. Hi, Neil. Nope, the stuttering is still there. It makes me feels giddy when it happens. Thank you for looking into the changes in IGE. Really appreciate.
  10. Hi, Neil. Thanks for the reply. Below are settings for my preference: Any idea about the IGE. Is the removal intentional or a bug..? Thanks again.
  11. In this year IGE, the ability to change hair colour is missing. Is it intentional or a bug..? My 3D match is stuttering. Having gtx1060 as my graphic card. Anyone facing same issue..? Thanks.
  12. I second this. I'm frustated in the game as i've difficulty in getting a balance look of the match in 3D. Some setting, eg Sideline or TV, when the camera is close to the team's bench and vice versa, view will be cut off. Some setting, eg Vertical Scrolling, i'll be seeing too much of the crowd in the stand, as well as the immovable photographer who has a small head. Hehehehe.
  13. Thanks for the response Neil. Can't say how much i'm disappointed with it but looking forward to the future.
  14. Any response or confirmation from SI will be appreciative..? Thank you.
  15. Hi, SI. Wish to check. Is there any possibility that the photographer and camera-man will be able to move in FM2018 when the game is launch. Currently it is immovable. However, I remembered, in one of the FM, the photographer and camera-man are able to move to follow the action. Personally, to me, a movable photographer and camera-man will add realism to the match experience. Thank you.