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  1. Hi FM'ers. Indeed. i'm facing the same problem as iMan. Both my Complete Wing Back; attack on right, support on left, are running over places after the update. Not too sure tho' if Roam from Positions Team Instruction affects the nature of their positioning. By the way, Now that i'm at the feedback page, need to check if it's a bug here. In my Colombo v Milan overview page, the weather is indicated. However, there are times when it goes missing. Eg Monopoli v Milan overview page. So, is the missing weather a bug..? Thank you.
  2. Indeed. I came across the same thing while managing a team in Serie A. Kind of strange to have all goal line officials with white/blonde hair.
  3. Thanks, KUBI and Dave. Been trying the advise. Had success for the English Under 23 Reserves League but Italian Under 20 Reserves proof tougher. I don't know which Rules Index to change. Tried Rules Index #1, #3 and #5 but to no success. Tried to key-in the Unique ID but strangely enough, the pre-game editor couldn't recognise and filter.
  4. Hi, FM-ers. I wish to do a an edit to the number of over-aged players allowed to play in the Italian (Under-20) and English (Under-23) Reserves League. Currently, only 1 over-20 years old player allowed in the Italian Under-20 Reserves League and 3 over 23 years old players allowed in the English Under-23 Reserves League. Could some kind hearted soul lead me the way..? I'm quite a noob at editing using the Advance Rules. Been searching the forum and internet but couldn't get the actual editing that i wanted. Thank you.
  5. Hi, SI. Wish to check. Has this issue been resolved with the release of FM2017..? I've started a new game and this issue still lingers. Thank you.
  6. Hi, FM-ers. Wish to confirm the above. Is there any limitations or is this a bug..? It seems that the number of player's trait that i edited in the Pre-Game Editor didn't appear in the game. On top of that, when i make changes in the In-Game Editor, the traits will be auto-reset. Thank you,
  7. Hi, Mr Michael Murray. Problem finally resolved. Instead of naming it base_dark2017, i've to name it as fm-widgets. My bad. Thank you.
  8. Hi, Mr Michael Murray. I'm in need of help. Wish to increase the opacity of the widget, but didn't work on the game. Been trying to follow the guide, but no luck. Not too sure where it went wrong. Could you kindly assist me. Attached are screenshots of widget i'm trying to work on and the folder i keep my skin. Thank you.
  9. Thanks Cougar for taking time to clarify my doubt. Really appreciate.
  10. Hi, FM-ers. Just wish to check. My apology if my question sounds stupid and no offence, ya. Are bugs in our game random..? What i mean is that, it might appear in my saved game but not necessarily appear in other people's saved game..? Thank you.
  11. resolved

    Oh, alright then. It's not a bug after all. Apologies for the false alarm. Thank you.
  12. resolved

    Hi, Sir. While playing FM2016 and managing Argentina, it happened during most Argentina's home matches. In playing FM2017, i'm not managing Argentina. However, i'm watching their matches. That was what surprises me about the missing crowd. It's a similar problem that i faced in FM2016. The stadium has a capacity of 65,645. Kindly see attached photo. I'm attaching the .pkm of the match. However, i couldn't provide the pre-match save as i've progressed quite a lot in the game. My sincerest apology. Argentina v Chile.pkm
  13. Yup, same here. Facing the same problem.
  14. Hi, mate. Hmmm, i beg to differ. In my save game, free kicks have been great. I have varieties; some goes straight in, some deflected n goes in, others deflected out of play or to my players/opposition. Overall, it looks realistic, thus far.
  15. Hi, SI. Been facing this problem in FM2016 while managing Argentina. Right now in FM2017, when i viewed the match highlight, having this issue as well. Kindly refer to the attached photos. Is this a bug..? By the way, my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX765M.