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  1. Did raise about this concern. However, feel disappointed that it has not been addressed. Saw quite a few of this thing in the match engine. Took away the realism of the game. 😪
  2. Apologies. It's working now. Basically, i need to reset first before the changes come to place. Thanks again, bigmattb28.
  3. Thanks, mate. But quite strange. Initially, before installing the graphics, i was playing in the Light skin. When i reload the other 2 skins, the logos graphics are there. However, when i reload my light skin, the logos disappeared. Hmmm, is this a bug..?
  4. We do this while at Preference page..?
  5. Hi, FMers. Wish to check. During this Beta version, can the customised club logo work..? I've created a graphics folder and placed the logos there but nothing happened.
  6. Hi, there. Kindly watch this clip from the match. I believe that it is at 17:49. Kehrer is receiving a pass from Verrati. Kehrer manage to teceive the ball without even looking. Will we see this super pass during launch day..? I had seen quite a number of such passing in FM19. Will feel very disappointed if the same happen in FM20.
  7. Hi, FMers. Just wish to check before purchasing the above. Is the ability to change the hair length, hair colour and skin colour available in the current IGE..? It was a big let-off when it wasn't there last year. Thanks. 😊✌🏽
  8. Thanks Svenc for the advice. Currently, i'm monitoring the situation. Right now, second match after update. I had 27 shots and 13 on target. Game ended 4-0, which to me, a more realistic data. Besides that, the positioning of the physio (?) seems to be at the right place. FM2018 is really turning me crazy and pauper. 😂 Lagging is still there, not only for the match, for the calendar as well. 😖
  9. First match after update. This is what i had: Should i be concerned with the number of shots and shots on target..? On top of that, is this guy positioning intended..?
  10. For your info, i'm running FM18 on my laptop with gtx1060 with Max-Q design graphic card which is connected to Omen 25" 144Hz external display. I'm facing the lagging/stuttering problem. However, following the instruction on the website above helps me to reduce the lagging/stuttering problem a bit.
  11. Hi, mate. Probably you would like to read up and try out the temporary solution here. I believe that you should be having the same problem as me and the rest.
  12. Hi, Neil. Nope, the stuttering is still there. It makes me feels giddy when it happens. Thank you for looking into the changes in IGE. Really appreciate.
  13. Hi, Neil. Thanks for the reply. Below are settings for my preference: Any idea about the IGE. Is the removal intentional or a bug..? Thanks again.
  14. In this year IGE, the ability to change hair colour is missing. Is it intentional or a bug..? My 3D match is stuttering. Having gtx1060 as my graphic card. Anyone facing same issue..? Thanks.
  15. I second this. I'm frustated in the game as i've difficulty in getting a balance look of the match in 3D. Some setting, eg Sideline or TV, when the camera is close to the team's bench and vice versa, view will be cut off. Some setting, eg Vertical Scrolling, i'll be seeing too much of the crowd in the stand, as well as the immovable photographer who has a small head. Hehehehe.
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