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  1. Just funny, how a man that had very little to do becomes MOTM.
  2. A teaser in stead of a cliffhanger... A refreshing change. As usual I'm eager to find out what will happen next.
  3. I've lost count of the twists you have knitted into the story, TTL. Must be enough for quite a sock collection. Still loving it.
  4. I do wonder myself whether it is a case of IF we will see TTL weave in pictures of Rob and Alba in the rags or WHEN he will weave that into the story. As long as 'mere mortals' like me keep on guessing people will agree with Ori's last sentence (if he edits 'usual' into it).
  5. That would be a nice twist. I wonder how RR would react if that were the case and Mr. Hardcastle had a crush on him. However, we'll just have to wait and see what devious twists TTL has (again) in store.
  6. Ooh, two for the price of one! Do I hear an evil mastermind chuckling in the back?
  7. Hmm. What if more then just offices have been bugged....
  8. ... is there a more violent story arch building here? If people can bug offices, they can play with cars as well...
  9. That really sounds like a monday to me.
  10. Looking forward to THAT scene. [irony]I wonder whether Jill will marry Stefano...[/irony]
  11. Jamcee isn't the only one looking forward. It seems your skills for intrigue are even trickling through to Mr. Ridgway...
  12. Carefully writing towards a climax of intrigue.... Still loving this story.
  13. On the bright side: if you play 11 against 13, a draw is a good result...
  14. A match to make both managers age quicker. Great reading as usual.
  15. Mr. R. should hop over to Patty. No words would be necessary. And presumably US lawyers could be even better suited for legal revenge (if he feels vindictive). As usual, good stuff.
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