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  1. I read the post twice. Did I miss the download link?
  2. Oh please... I hope you are making fun of me, but I did search and used the info. I went to ....steam/......../data/db/1700/inc/all and deleted the files suggested by the countless google helplines. Yes, I did the same at the 1712 folder. You can't do it wrong, but it still won't work for me. It's just the German/Japan team and Dutch manager that won't work. All the other fixes work correct
  3. Please, do not just remove/close this thread if it's not in the right place. Just tell me where to put it correctly, thanks. So, I have been playing CM/FM since 2000/2001 and this time I have a problem with the German team fix. I know how to unlock it, I can do it blindfolded, but it simply does not work. I have all the names correct (German teams, Brazilian teams, Portuguese teams, etc) but The German team stays greyed and the Dutch manager won't change from Jan jansen to Danny Blind. Again, I know how to fix it, I have also looked it up 10 times so far and did 100% sure the right things to fix it, but it doesn't. Help. Yes, this is a gamebreaker for me, I can't play FM knowing it isn't fixed.
  4. Every [%$#@#$] shot on goal is a goal. Except if it's my team that shoots. 4 teams, 5 matches in a row: Arsenal: I got 17 shots against on target, 15 became a goal. I won 3 matches, lost 2 Bournemouth: 23 shots against on target, a massive 19 went in. Lost 5-1, 4-0, 4-0 (Man City, Everton, West Ham) en won 4-3 and 5-3 (Southampton, Leicester) Scunthorpe: Lost 5 matches, all with a one goal margin. All 11 shots against went in. Ayr United: lost 4, drew 1, kept a clean sheet against East Stirling, but they never reached my goal anyway. I play a very simple 4-2-3-1, 4 defensive guys in the back (no CWB stuff), but it seems like my opponents turn into Messi's if they have the ball and simply walk past my defenders, of pass around 25 times and score with a bicycle kick. It's very annoying. Yes, I changed tactics, tried uploaded tactics too, but I still have way too much shots on target who turn into goals.
  5. It's one of the biggest things in FM and yet it has absolutely nothing to do with real life football, as far as I know. There is no single country where clubs wait until a given day in March to add a handful of young players. In Holland these kind of young players get the change to visit 'youth days' at professional teams, these are usually in May/June. Bigger teams have more youth days or split the goalies and field players into separate days. Also, every club scouts at least the local amateur market for youngsters, which means most talents are at a club from the age of 12. I understand this is not allowed in FM, due to age restrictions, but maybe it's an idea to move the youth intake to mid-season, or spread it over a season, with scouts pick up talent randomly in a season? The current Youth Intake is not as it is in real life, that's for sure.
  6. Where are the 'add players to playable team', 'add key staff' or 'disable in-game editor' option gone? I did use the search option on this forum, but I got 1300 topics, with 1300 not related to my question
  7. Yeah, I know, but the results are far less that way. I don't know why, but I researched it. Simming a season (did it 5 times) got me an .600 winrate and at best a Stanley Cup final Playing (watching) games gives 5 times a .700 winrate and 2 Stanley Cups.
  8. I play EHM with the following settings: Highlights: None Clock speed: Fast Action speed: fast forward Before 1.0.2 this meant a period only took 1 second, I only needed to hit the spacebar twice to play a game in a few seconds. Ideal if you were eliminated from the play-off, or for whatever reason one should play this speedy game. But now the same settings takes an average of 17 seconds per period. If I want to play slow, I'll change the settings. I want my superspeedgame back...
  9. I have reinstalled the game twice, but it ran perfectly before I upgraded to Windows 10. It's either that, or something with the 12.?? patch
  10. I have the same problem, but it started when upgrading to Windows 10.
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