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  1. I'm playing in the Norwegian Second Division and I don't have a Messi or Ronaldo. Neither have my opponents, lucky me. My problem is to get the ball to my strikers, I have limited full backs who hoof every ball towards the moon, even if I instruct them to short passes. My wide midfielders prefer to play the ball towards the corner-flag instead of the Target Man and my AMC runs around with no clue what to do. The problem is, every team I face pass around the ball from feet to feet and create at least changes. My goalie saves a lot, but I don't score goals. Help. I don't want to relegate into o
  2. I recognise this too. - Playing for promotion with Bradford, I saved the game at matchday 44. I played away against the number 3 and at home against the number 4. I needed just one point. I managed boh games myself and lost 0-2 en 3-1. Loaded the game, lost twice again. And again. So, I went on holiday, let the assistant play my tactic and voila: 0-6 en 4-1 wins. And after a re-load, 0-4 and 1-1, followed by 0-3 and 2-1 wins. So, I again loaded the game, managed the two matches myself: 0-1 and a 3-0 loss. But there is no bias...? Nah...
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