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  1. I'd like to see that, but that would **** alot of people. And i don't see SI willing to give us more options before we start a game such as "Sacking frequency" or difficulty level/game mode.
  2. - What about loan exchanges? When you're buying a player you'll have the option to offer a play on loan, kinda like there were rumors Barça would Loan Keirrison in a part of the deal to get Villa/Bruno Alves. Or you could also be able to make a Júlio Baptista/Reyes thing Real and Arsenal did a few years ago. - Young players could have someone they look up to (some older player that is in the first team squad, or maybe even someone from another club), so their stats will grow to be more like the stats of their idol (for example: if young player look up to "player x" that has a high passing attribute, then he would focus on improving his passing more, so he can be more like his idol). Just don't make it too gay, just a small note on the player personal information thing saying "player x is a player Y wannabe" (or however you wish). And you can't choose who he should look up to, as it would work differently to player tutoring. - Please, fix AI manager player selection, and also their use of subs. I won't say improve transfer market as i know it's something you guys are working on every year, but at least fix AI clubs buying players for huge amount of money and then not playing them, and to make things worse sometimes (in most cases maybe) they somehow manage to sell them after 6 months or so for a even higher fee that they have paid for the player, eventhough the guy was barely playing. - And finally, slightly more injuries and slightly more chance of a player getting medium term injuries (2-3 months) and long term injuries (+5 months)
  3. Can anyone answer me if when i use FMRTE to increase/decrease one player's attributes withouth changing his CA, will his attributes increase/decrease in the game to balance with his CA or will his CA increase/decrease? Or will it just stay like that, with his attributes not matching his CA?
  4. Are you joking? If not, people around here do not like that idea (neither do i), so ... go play FIFA Manager :/. But seriously, i wouldn't expect manager's private live on FM if i were you, but you never know...
  5. What about a better way to know when your oposition make a substitution. Kinda like when a player gets a yellow card or is caught offside and a little screen pop up. So when a substitution is being made this little screen will show first with a red arrow poiting down and the name of the player that is going out, and that screen disappear and another one with a green arrow poiting up with the name of the player that is coming in shows up. I don't think it will be that difficult to make, and is quite an obvious thing that i don't understand why we still don't have it in FM. Also, something that i suggested months ago and i'll try again now. In that time bar on botton of the screen, that shows when the highlights/goals/cards happened, we should be able to rover our mouse cursor over the little balls/cards to see who scored that goal or got that card. It could have something like that for substitutions that were made too, so we can see when there was a substitution and who went out and came in. Another suggestion, in matches with low attendance we should be able to hear the pitch sounds, you know, those sounds when a players hits the ball. Because since i started playing CM, i always let the volume the same while viewing a match, so i know if the crowd is big or not, but in match with low attendance you don't hear anything, you should be able to at least hear those pitch sounds. What i'm going to suggest now might be a bit more complicated, but in real life, at matches with low attendance, the sounds from the crowds are more clear, more specific if you know what i'm saying, while in matches with high attendance the sounds is less clear. It would be good if you could try to recreate that, so that when you view a low attendance match it's not just like the game tuned down the volume, it should sound different also, it could add to the realism of the game. Remember, i'm not asking for actual chants that you can understand what the fans are saying, but in matches with low attendance the sounds from the crowd should be closer to a human voice, while in matches with high attendance you can only hear the crowd voice, if you know what i'm saying.
  6. Americano (RJ) 3 x 0 Cardoso Moreira Pre-season friendly that i arranged involving the 3 teams of the city i grew up (Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil): Americano (RJ), Goytacaz and Rio Branco (RJ); plus a team from the region: Cardoso Moreira; actually Cardoso Moreira was only a district of Campos, they emancipated and became a city just a few years back. Anyway, now we'll have the "Goytacano" (That is Americano x Goytacaz) derby in the final.
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