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    the results are predecided

    In my current save i did something different and edited the database in a way that clubs from all around the world can't have foreigners in their squad. In the first season both Arsenal and Liverpool got relegated becase they barely have any decent british players, Chelsea finished midtable and Man Utd still won it, but they still had one of the best squad in the league. Liverpool, eventhough they built a squad that is clearly better than the other Championship squads, are still in the Championship after 4 seasons.
  2. This thread is... weird. :o Disregarding all the tl;dr itt, anyone who watches the brazilian league and play FM know that it ain't right when top clubs keep signing random 34 years old nobodies, a bunch of random foreigners (when you can only play 3 of them) and random overrated (in FM) players from Bulgaria or w/e. The way the game simulates transfers in Brazil doesn't reflect in any way what is actually happening irl. Now, the fact that it's the dream of every brazilian kid to play for Metalist Kharkiv is kinda irrelevant, but that's just, like, my opinion, man.
  3. I can't say anything about the latest patch because i haven't bought the game yet due to steam being a bitch to me (and no, i'm not playing a pirated version either). But anyway, i agree with OP, what has been stopping me from playing the brazilian league on FM is how inaccurate is the transfer system for brazilian clubs, but i think that's also because how the game can't replicate how some of those transfers are made (like involving third parties and stuff). Also, to some of you fellows, don't forget that the brazilian league is not only made of young starlets and has-beens.
  4. ...the game? I press the submit team button but nothing happen.
  5. Can't say it's gonna work properly, but it's a step in the right direction imo, can't expect brazilian players to be like english players. Well, as for brazilian newgens, i'm hoping that we'll see less wingers (or no winger at all, at least not those who are ONLY wingers) and attacking fullbacks. If you play with a brazilian club using the tactics they usually do here, you won't need wingers nor fullbacks with 3 for dribbling.
  6. I believe in God, Her name is boxxy.
  7. LeoVieira

    Something for the weekend

    "Newgen revamp – Newly generated players, or newgens as we call them, are now created using a new system that looks at player templates for different styles of player, as well as taking national traits into account, to ensure that the types of player in the game are constant throughout the life of your own saved game." Hopefully that means no more full-backs with poor dribbling and wingers showing up at brazilian clubs.
  8. Not for me, FM is the game i play when i just wanna chill.
  9. LeoVieira

    Signing foreign players

    I tend to buy players from the same TOWN as the club i'm training.
  10. LeoVieira

    Paul the Octopus

    Paul **** yeah. \o/
  11. LeoVieira

    World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Finally someone was sent-off.
  12. Just give Germany the World Cup already.
  13. LeoVieira

    1/4 Final: Argentina vs Germany - 3rd July @ 3pm

    And now we'll have a 3 europeans and 1 south american semifinals.
  14. argh Kingston clearly didn't watch the Campeonato Carioca this year.