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  1. The transfer system must be improved ... an example : AI manager signs player for around 100 mil, and he averages 5 games a season during his 4 year stay at that particular club (Man City).
  2. Hopefully FM2018 will be an overhaul of the series, and will feel like a brand new game, instead of having the feeling of an add-on (like fm17 did for me). This is my first time i will not automatically buy the game after the dissapointment and the frustration that FM17 was. Hopefully the transfer system, ME and player/manager interactions will be overhauled.
  3. You must be having a laugh mate ... The ME is the worst i can remember, hopefully FM18 will be an improvement as FM17 looks like a patch to FM16.
  4. Signed him when he was around 32 years for 10 mil in my Barcelona team, ended up scoring 53 goals in the league for 2 years in a row. Fantastic player.
  5. How do you prevent the opposition scoring almodt immediately after they concede ? Is this a known bug ? Because it happens way too often. Never had this problem in previois versions.
  6. What's so hard to comprehend about Spurs winning 9-2 in a FA Cup semifinal against Arsenal being realistic or not ?
  7. Liverpool is always crap in my saves too, and that enrages me because i'm a huge Liverpool fan. I was at Leipzig and they sacked Klopp close to the end of the 2nd season and approached me, because i finished 5th and 2nd with Leipzig, above the expectations, sadly they turned me down and gave the job to Eddie Howe who is now on the verge of sacking. I resigned from RBL after a poor 3rd season and i was waiting for them to sack Howe, sadly he always managed to save his skin, and Chelsea sacked LVG and they gave me the job in the winter break of the 4th season. Liverpool is in mediocrity drifting around 8th and 9th place. If they sack Howe i will apply to be their manager and restore the club where it should be.
  8. Yep. finished 5th in the league. Selke was my top goalscorer. Werner and Poulsen did well too.
  9. The 64-bit version is a fantastic add-on, the difference in performance is immense, at first i thought about upgrading my laptop, but with the 64 bit it is not needed as the game runs smoothly (faster than FM 16). Great addition.
  10. On my current save i'm playing a classic 4-4-2 with Keita and Bernardo as Centre Mids (one with defend duty and the other with support), with Sabitzer and Forsberg as wingers (Sabitzer with support and Forsberg on attack), and in the attack Poulsen as a Defensive Forward with support duty and Selke as an Advanced Forward, i'm rotating them with Werner. As team instructions i only have play out of defence set and standard. I play now and then Keita as a roaming playmaker and Poulsen as a deep-lying forward, i also play a more attacking version with AMR and AML. When going out on a difficult away trip i usually switch to 4-5-1 with Bernardo dropping as a DM and Khedira/Demme as a CM alongside Keita. My usual starting lineup is : Muller-Halstenberg-Papadopoulos-Orban-Klostermann-Sabitzer-Keita-Bernardo (Khedira, Demme)-Forsberg-Poulsen-Selke (Werner) With this lineup i'm playing a very offensive football, scoring alot of goals and sitting 3rd in the Bundesliga after 12 games.
  11. Mikael Kaj Forssell ? Jonatan Lillebror Johansson ? Joonas Einari Kolkka ? Antti Markus Sumiala ? Kasper Woldemar Hämäläinen ? With 2 names : Shefki Kuqi.
  12. I'm also on a Leipzig save, currently sitting in 3rd after 10 games and sadly kicked out in the 3rd round of German Cup by Freiburg on penalties. I sold Boyd and Kaiser, and i'm playing 4-4-2 with great results (my team is scoring for fun !). The first 11 : Muller-Halstenberg-Papadopoulos-Orban-Klostermann-Sabitzer-Keita-Bernardo-Forsberg-Poulsen-Selke (Werner). Sabitzer is a winger with a support duty, while Forsberg has attack, Keita and Bernardo are both Centre Midfielders (Bernardo with a defend duty and Keita with support, and i'm trying him in some games as a Roaming Playmaker). Poulsen has a Defensive Forward role with support and Selke is an Advanced Forward. I'm always rotating between my strikers, all 3 are playing very good. Also rotating Bernardo with Rani Khedira and Demme. Also i've sent Janelt to my 2nd team to give him time to grow.
  13. There weren't a couple. All first-team players (Clyne, Lovren, Moreno, Can, Henderson, Lallana, Firmino, Coutinho and Sturridge), new signings aside, wanted to leave for another club. Milner, Mignolet, Origi and Ings were the only players that didn't want to leave (because no club was interested).
  14. Why do i have to chose international reputation if i want to manage Liverpool ? In previous versions it wasn't a problem setting a lower reputation and manage a big club. Just the fact that the board was more ruthless if you were on a poor set of results. I try to set my manager profile as close as i can to reality, setting an international reputation (former top footballer) doesn't seem right (feels like cheating).
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