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  1. Rangers????? i might have to find a new tactics hero for FM. lol
  2. stupid question. You say to tick your AMC as a play maker. how do i do that?
  3. I agree with Big H. i was using Balista and changed to Boot Room vengeane. its so much better. It got me to the Champions League final with Celtic in the 2nd season
  4. i used 7-zip but it created a file folder with the same RAR file i unzipped. im confused.com!
  5. pardon my ignorance but i downloaded it. It's a RAR file. when i click on it there is no option to extract it. What should i do?
  6. i noticed that if you fine a player for a poor performance their stats for determination or teamwork (sometimes both) will increase
  7. i dont know how to do a screenshot. i just got easily the hardest group of death in CL history! Barcelona, Man City and AC Milan!!
  8. how do i upload a pic to here? i won 9-1 away against Dunfermline. is that even worth putting up?
  9. i decided to start a new game today but i am holding off playing it unitl you release this tactic. i absolutely loved your previous tactics last year.
  10. i did mate. i normally just spy on you guys!! i just saw the "tim" thing and thought I should add I dont find it offensive
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