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  1. TPS Amazing 4-2-4 DOWNLOAD http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1852991 http://fileace.com/u1p9n This is my first tactic but it's a good one beleive me otherwise I wouldn't be uploading it. All the sliders, set pieces, postion roles are setup and included. This tactic works both home and away for me. This is me using the tactic on my latest save, I have so far taken Wrexham to League 1 back to back.
  2. -----> One Idea --> Training Camps In the pre-season you should be able to arrange training camps where you can go to a location and hard slog training. Most clubs do this like NUFC who are at a training camp at Ireland. This means you get allot more concentrated training. This could be a request in board room.
  3. Request a screen shot

    Remeber some plays have random PA so whatever is on mine might not be same for you. John Fleck (2013) Ashley Young (2013)
  4. Lavezzi 900k

    Yea i got him for 2 million it feels like your robbing napoli, haha.
  5. FM 2009 Bargain Buys

    Name: Mohamed Sarr Club: Standard Position: DC Nationality: Senegalese Work permit?: Possibly but I think I got it Value: £800k Bought for: £800k Patch: 9.0.3 Name: Jan Polak Club: Anderlecht Position: MC Nationality: Czech Work permit?: No Value: 1.4m Bought for: 3m Patch: 9.0.3 Name: Roland Juhász Club: Anderlecht Position: DC Nationality: Hungarian Work permit?: No Value: 850k Bought for: 850k Patch: 9.0.3
  6. Official FM 09 Patch 9.3. Good Staff

    Yea good shout on Nicky Hammond but I have done this guide mainly for 9.0.3 and on my game Nicky is 17 and 15 but it might be different on yours.
  7. Another great game to play in south America, is the Colombian league I tried it out and I was really pleased how the football was on Fm. It was extremely attacking and most of my games resulted in at least 4 goals a game. There is also some sick youth in Colombia; Marco Pérez, Santiago Tréllez and of course Sherman Cardenas. If people like Brazilian football I reccomend you try a game in Colombia:D
  8. Official FM 09 Patch 9.3. Good Staff

    Do you want to bring in your own staff network into your new team? If yes then hopefully this little guide to decent staff will help you. Assistant Managers Garry Pendrey (All Rounder) Nigel Gibbs (Press Conferences, Team talks), Francesco Chinnici (Training Side, Technically) Coaches – 7* Fitness Coaches = Di Salvo 7* Goalkeeping Coaches = Kevin Hitchcock, Christophe Lollichon, Eric Steele 6* Tactic Coaches = Gianpiero Ventrone 6* Fitness Coaches = Gian Nicola Bisciotti, Oliver Schmidtlein, Stefano Rapetti, Andy Renshaw, Giovanni Petralia, Cevat Güler, Miodrag Krivokapic, Tony Colbert 6* Ball Control = André Vilas Boas, René Meulensteen, Ricardo Moniz 6* Defending = Iñaki Bergara 6* Goalkeeping = Franco Tancredi, Nello Malizia, Andreas Köpke, Joël Bats, Claudio Maiani, Fabrice Grange, Joe Corrigan, Silvino Louro, Filip De Wilde, Stephen Pears, George Wood 6* Shooting = André Vilas Boas, René Meulensteen, Ricardo Moniz 6* Set Pieces = Ricardo Moniz, René Meulensteen 5* Attacking = Benny Lennartsson, Anthony Bancarel, Danny McGrain, Tristán Celador, Ulf Kirsten, Kevin Ball, Tony Whelan, Liam Brady, Pako Ayestarán Physios – 20 Attribute & 15 Man Management = Riccardo Agricola, Alfonso Del Corral, David Fevre, Gary Lewin, Lieven Maesschalk, Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfarth, Gianni Nanni, José María Villalón Scouts – A good scouting network with a lot of nations. PA 20 & PP 20 = Steve Rowley (English) PA 19 & PP 19 = Francis Cagigao (Spanish), Aurélio Pereira (Portuguese) PA 18 & PP 18 = Robert Bettega (Italian), Piet de Vesser (Holland), Gilles Grimandi (French), Jack Karadas(Norwegian), Leonardo (Brazilian), Sandro Orlandelli (Argentina) PA 17 & PP 17 = Geronimo Barbadillo (Peru), Hans-Martin Kleitsch (German), Malcolm Elias (Welsh), Stewart Houston (Scottish)
  9. Official FM 09 Patch 9.3. Good Staff

    Chris Hughton is an an all rounder.
  10. ------- have set an asking price of £0.

    Well I got offered Huntelaar for £0 which was interesting, I couldn't say no.
  11. No point ****ing pre ordering it, with this stupid little idea about authentication process. Really ****ed me off so well done Miles Jacobsen you dick rider.
  12. League Two Signings - Under 250K

    "Jurak" I don't know which club im afraid but it'll provide goals, just make sure english square prem is loaded it always seems to get him into datebase he is from a polish club.
  13. Goalkeepers' Free-kicks Stats

    Stevie Harper is pritty good (17 freekick)
  14. Wishlist of Reincarnated Legends

    Gotta be the great Pele.
  15. FM2008 - Manchester City- Sven's Revolution (8.02)

    I tried a few experiments with Man City and what gave me the best results was believe it or not just keeping the squad exactly the same and making no signings I ended up 3rd overall in the premier league. This is probaly because most of man city has just been bought as the season starts so it's like playing everyone new when you buy even more signings and it's going to disrupt the squad alot. So my reccomendation try and keep your signings till January or the Summer. but if anyone has done better than 3rd I would like to know by making signings