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  1. I won the league and have started a new season, but the game keeps forcing me to register a champion's league squad for every single qualifying round even though I'm straight through to the group stages. I'll literally register a squad and then have to re-register is less than a week later when the next round is drawn.
  2. Ha. I was having trouble with Ander Herrera. He wasn't satisfied with his game time but I refused to sell him, so he publicly declared he was leaving on a free at the end of the season, even though it was only October. Since then he's featured an okay amount so I decided to see if there was an in game way to get him to change his IRREVERSIBLE decision. Didn't see one, but what I did see was that he had an automatic contract extension option. I cackled as I clicked it and waited to see what happened. Nothing. The player wasn't upset in the slightest. I was expecting a big protest with me trapping him to the club for another year against his will, but he seems happy enough.
  3. Spurs have become Everton in my first save. Currently at the end of November and they won their first 3 games in the league, but then failed to get a win in their next 11 and sit 1 point above relegation. They are already out of the Champion's League and League Cup. They sacked Pochettino at the end of October and appointed Luis Enrique, but he just seems to be a draw machine for them and hasn't taken them forward yet. Harry Kane only has 6 goals in 20 appearances.
  4. This is some weird decision making to me. United here have broken the defensive line. Mata is two on one with the keeper. Now you'd think he'd either take the shot on himself or roll it to Lukaku, but instead he knocks it out to the right wing and Miki knocks it wide. I can't think of any top player that wouldn't shoot or pass to Lukaku in that position.
  5. I've just had a follow on from this situation. I selected the rot in reserves conversation option, but I didn't actually mean it. It was just the only no commitment to sale option. A league cup game came up and I wanted to rotate Herrera in for some game time, but I couldn't find him anywhere in my squad. I do a game search to see where he is and see that he is in the Under 23s. I didn't put him there. I'm guessing the game decided to follow through on my conversation choice for me, but not inform me of it. Now he is't really in a position to get game time cause he's already played for the 23s. If this is an actual game feature, I really hate it. I'm the player. I don't want the game making decisions for me based on a poorly designed conversation tree.
  6. My only option to say I'm not selling him is to say I'm going to leave him rotting in the reserves. Bit over extreme. I feel there should be a more moderate option than that. This is still in September, so I have most of the season to change his mind. Also, the first two options basically just seem like different ways of saying the same thing to me.
  7. My Man Utd team are winning, but also conceding a lot of goals, so I started reviewing the goals conceded to see if there was a theme and came across this. This started with a Brighton free kick. They took it short and worked it wide and everything was fine right up until this moment. 6 of my players just all retreated to the 6 yard box and stood like statues in a straight line while Brighton had 4 completely free and unchallenged players inside the box. It obviously ended in an easy goal for them.
  8. My Lukaku seems to score a high proportion of his goals from dispossessing centre backs and getting easy one on ones with the keeper. Is that a bug or just his stats at work? He has beast strength but poor tackling and mediocre work rate.
  9. It keeps freezing on me during match days at either half or full time, so I'm probably going to take a break until the release day patch fixes some things since I don't want to have to keep reloading to play games I've already played. Though it is the buggiest Beta version I've seen in a while. Is there a way to turn off the title music? If I have to listen to one song over and over for a year I'm going to throw the laptop out the window. It even plays when I go into the preferences screen. If I want music, I'll play my own. The set piece taker screen is waaaaaaay too cluttered. It is hard to accurately drop people into the order you want. Think you need to start separating them into separate screens like you have for penalty takers. I'm not a fan of extra match animations. It already takes a lot of time to do things in the game, so I'm against any unnecessary thing that works against the game being streamlined. Also don't like the greyed out numbers when negotiating. That is a universal colour for "can't change" in gaming. Not a fan of all player names being CAPsed. Haven't played around too much otherwise since the match freezes kind of halted me a bit. The dynamic system seems cool but I haven't seen it in action too much, and I do like how the tactic screen now highlights weak areas of your formation. I prefer the match day screen from FM17 though. It was a lot more customisable. I'd rather have all that space where it shows the body languages of the two teams showing something else. Instead it seems I can only customise the tiny middle boxes. The latest scores also seems to lag way behind the actual match score if I have that screen up. I have a few other issues but it seems other people have raised them already.
  10. Playing in France as Valencienne and it is mid November time. So far, my team have been over performing and find themselves in 8th place. The next game up is against Monaco who are shockingly as low as 13th in mid November. I'm at home and in better form so the game makes me favourites to win despite the obvious gulf in quality (I had no money to spend and my marquee signing was Frimpong on loan) All the pre match stuff tells me I should win it but I ignore all that as nonsense and treat the match like I'm up against the wall. AI Claudio Ranieri predictably sets his team out to be very attacking initially. I quickly find as the match kicks off that I have given Monaco too much respect. Despite all their quality they find it near impossible to break me down or make any clear cut chances. Even with a defensive set up I manage to carve out a couple of chances of my own. Eventually they do go up right before half time due to my defense gifting Falcao some space and he naturally buries it. I've got nothing to lose so I go more offensive in the second half and surprisingly have an awful lot of success against my much higher paid counter parts. I eventually equalise with a long counter attack ball up to Anthony Le Tallec. This is where it gets strange... It enters the last third of the match and I notice that Monaco are time wasting on every free kick and throw in. I go to check the formation screen and Ranieri is now playing super defensive with two holding players shielding his defense and only one man up top. He is holding on for a draw. A team that was supposed to be title contenders, with a manager who needs to start winning to keep his job is holding on for a draw against the team with the second lowest wage bill in the league. It baffled me. I started to put pressure onto them and they were looking in trouble, but in the end they got lucky and scored from a corner to win the game. I just thought it to be very unrealistic AI. All the post match told me that I should be really disappointed to lose narrowly to Monaco in an even game. All very strange.
  11. I have a lot of niggles with the new ME but nothing that no one hasn't already addressed. Instead I'll pick out one of the positives. Long balls and target men seem to be a lot more effective this time around. In the last couple of versions I've avoided building teams around target men because I felt that both they and the long ball were underpowered tactics (headers themselves often felt underpowered). Instead I used to build my tactics around speed merchants who could get in behind the defence. Now I think it is viable again to make a good Stoke like team and rough up the opposition. I'm having fun doing that in the lower leagues.
  12. I find some of the retired pros appointed as managers more baffling. Playing a game right now where Papa Boupa Diop is West Ham manager with his first job in the game. He's not a West Ham legend nor a superstar so it seems impossible that he would get such a high profile job. Seems to be holding on there too despite having a win percentage of 30%.
  13. Played 2 seasons so far with Sporting. First year did the domestic treble, second year won the league and the Champion's league beating Man City in the final 3-1. During these two seasons I have spent a grand total of 3.5 million, 2.1 of which was on one player. My biggest signing of the second season was 36 year old Clarence Seedorf on a free because the board gave me no money to spend. I changed up the back four a bit with promising youngsters but aside from that it is pretty much the same group of players I started with. I guess that signing Seedorf is pretty much a guarantee that you'll win the champion's league anyway
  14. Yeah, last version I played was 2010. In that game my seasons would implode by the time the January transfer window rolled around. Clubs would start unsettling my players, they'd want to leave and morale would go down in a drastic way. This time it is too easy to keep players content or happy and I go on winning. I'd like a happy medium in between the two.
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