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  1. Im into feb first season and currently 5th, things are going good Ben Arfa is unplayable but my strike force is utter dogs De Jong 1 prem goal Cisse 6 Remy 0 in 13 (cancelled his loan in jan for the wages) lucky Hatem and Gouffs are stepping up!
  2. I keep getting a crash dump coming up in the transfer center and ending games, how do I stop it!!!!!
  3. Im looking for a good challenge on fm so I think im def going to start with Leipzig, see how well I can do. im surprised more people aren't doing it.
  4. Has anybody signed Wolfswinkel yet? i had a offer accepted for him but he chose Marseille instead! P.S why is nobody playing with Norwich anymore, last season this thread was huge!?
  5. Has anybody got good money for Sturridge he is total boggins and ive transfer listed him 1st season but with no interest!!
  6. Surprised at how little Wolves are played in this game, especially with the transfer budget! Started well im top going into december, havent signed anyone and cleared alot of the deadwood looking forward to building wolves into englands finest 18 mill in the champ is a nice start aswel!
  7. I signed him for Norwich for 1.5 mill was a good back up but never became first team regular, good signing for lower prem tho!
  8. The hair always puts me off, great player tho
  9. Lee Wallace from Rangers, job done.
  10. So i finished my first season as Norwich and amazingly i finished 6th and qualified for Euro Cup!! I would love to show u in picture form but my laptop just wont take screenshots or upload pics to this site!?! Anyways Holt scored 25 for me and Helenius got 11 in his 14 games he played he is awesome, Bradley Johnson continued his form and Bassong got voted African defender of the year! No real worries with the squad apart from Garrido was poor and wont be staying and Butterfield is a moaning little git even tho i want to keep him as back up! So far into the summer ive sold Morison - burnley - 2 mill Surman - celtic - 2 mill Tierney - burnley - 2.5 mill (a week after signing a new contract in which he was leaving on free Jackson - free Lappin - free Matthews - free Rudd - free So far i havent signed anybody yet but have had a 3.5 mill offer for Danny Graham accepted (scored 18 in 31 for relegated Swansea!) and a 3 mill offer for Lee Wallace accepted. Let the Euro adventures begin!!!
  11. So i started my game as Norwich with the aim of mid-table survival without majorly turning around the team and ive done pretty well so far. After a slow start in the league (0w 2d 3L) i changed my tactics to a attacking 4-5-1 and went on a amazing 9 game unbeaten run with some serious results! Arsenal 0 - 1 Norwich (Johnson) Norwich 6 - 1 Aston Villa (Holt 4, Snod and Turner) Swansea 1 - 4 Norwich (Holt, Snod, Bass, R.Martin) Big Holt, Bassong and Bradley Johnson have been outstanding, Pilkington and Snodgrass havent been good at all. I went into xmas 8th in the league but have struggled going into jan and im currently 10th at feb 2nd. My transfers have been few and far between because nobody is interested in my players! In jan i tried to sell Morison, Fox and Surman but nobody wanted any of them. Barnett and C Martin have left for a total of 1.5 mill and Butterfield, Smith, Matthews and Jackson out on loans I made one signing in jan signing Nicklas Helenius for a structured 2.5 million and he has 4 already (although 3 were against Chesterfield in Fa cup) Im hoping to stay top ten in prem and hopefully go far in fa cup and maybe Mcnally can dig deep and give me money in the summer as a reward!
  12. Amazing OP!!! After failing at about 10 different games on FM this year (i just cannot get to grips with this game this year!) Ive decided to play as my beloved Norwich. Hopefully my yellow tinted glasses wont hinder me.
  13. this kid is amazing, signed on a free for Southampton and he scored 23 in my first prem season, will always sign him from now on.
  14. Hi all started a Luton game my first outside of the football league, with the aim of getting into the prem (as a manager not necessarily with luton) I signed Pablo Counago on free, Kem Izzet for 20k and Sam Cowler on loan as a back up gk I got rid of Mcallister and a couple of reserves Started well winning 5 out of my first 7 games with pablo already notching 7 goals One question is Fleetwood ever goin to be good enough cause so far he is utter shiite!
  15. Hello just finished my first season with Cardiff and picked up the title on the final day on goal difference! All season i was in or around the top 5 with Southampton running away with the league, but a catastrophic downfall from them at the end let me catch up and take the title with saints finishing second and Blackpool taking the playoffs I only signed one player all season getting Henry Thomas from wigan on loan Sold Parkin, Quinn and Mcphail and let Harris and Ralls go out on loan So far for the 2nd season i picked up Kiss for 200k and got Seamus Coleman for 1.8 mill but struggling to get anyone in cheap enough and wages are proving a problem!
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