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  1. Cool. I have not had any problems either, but I am only one season in, so I thought I might as well ask before i lost a lot of games. I like the tactic a ton. Was 3rd in Superligaen (best league in Denmark) and won the cup with SønderjyskE (media prediction 10). Good job!
  2. I noticed some of the other tactics uploaded here has more than one .tac-file to prevent the opposition from figuring out your tactic. One even has a "Fool CPU" tactic. Isn't this a problem for you, Fuss? Do you play with the same formation every single game? Thanks in advance.
  3. First of all, thanks! This tactic is an absolute wonder. I have been playing as West Bromich Albion for 1½-2 seasons. It worked wonders in the championship and gained me promotion without much trouble. I was also doing well in Premier League, i was 7th at christmas time, after a weak start. It was all looking good. But now i have hit the midseason slump, i haven't had a victory in 6 games (not playing ant good teams). What do you guys do in these situations? I know that i probably should try a different tactic.. Do you recommend any tactic as backup for this wonderful tactic in case you hit "the slump"? I really hope there is some kind of normally used trick for hitting the slump with "kimz". Thanks in advance. By the way, im playing the 2.1 Version and 8.0.2 of course.
  4. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by FuSS: Honwstly i leave for a couple of days and theres a page of arguments, please take it outta my thread lads. FOR THOSE NOT DOING TO WELL: 3 different people added me to MSN saying that they wern't having much luck...they ALL had the same problem: -MAKE SURE YOU DRAG YOUR TARGET MEN INTO THE TARGET-MAN BOX IN TACTICAL SETTINGS SCREEN!!! Seriously, u have to set-up the target men, jus as u do with captains and playmakers...a player wont be a target man just because you put him in the correct position. ---------------- I'm currently working on a brand new tacic in a different formation as i got bored, I'll keep you posted. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I actually had way more success when i took i Alan Smith away from the "target man-drag box". Just for your info
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