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  1. Into January of the first season now. I managed to survive a takeover, sadly the new owner doesn't seem interested in pumping a lot of money into the club. We're currently sat 6th in the league on 33 points after 22 games - although Chelsea are 6 points ahead of us in 6th place. We got knocked out of the League Cup by Arsenal in the 4th round and have just beaten Everton in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. We continue to be fantastic going forward, but extremely shaky at the back, we're currently on a 20 game scoring streak whilst only managing to keep 5 clean sheets in all competition. It's particularly pronounced in the league, with us having scored the most goals and having let in the joint most.
  2. I'm two games into the season with two wins against Brighton and West Ham so far. Atsu has been great so far as an AML with a Winger(A) role, 2 goals and 2 assists already. The only player I've brought in is Justin Kluivert in the hope of turning him into the striker of the future. So far he's nabbed a goal off the bench against West Ham and will be starting in our League Cup game against Sheffield United coming up next.
  3. Grenoble-Foot 38 - End of Season Review 2023/24 Squad - Ligue 2 Table - Ligue 2 Results - French Cup Results - Coupe de la Ligue Results - Transfers - Finances Ligue 2 - 14th It was an odd start to the season which really felt like it cost us a chance at a top half finish this season. We failed to win any of our first 11 games of the season, although we only lost 2 of those games. There story of the season was really one of missed opportunities, as we finished the year with 19 draws which seems crazy! To go with the number of draws, we also threw away far too many leads to have those draws. We drew 10 games in which we took the lead, including 9 1-1 draws. We twice conceded in injury time to draw the game. In one 3-3 draw we took a 2-0 lead before letting them even the game up, we then took a 3-2 lead before throwing that away as well. Our improved form later in the season came from me moving away from the 5-3-2(WB) we've been using since I started to this 4-2-3-1. We scored the majority of our goals in the second half of the season, although the tactic seems to be fairly weak defensively as well. Overall, we were good again defensively. We conceded 38 goals, only 3 more than last season, however we kept 10 less clean sheets which was pretty disappointing. Again, we were poor going forward, although we improved from 35 goals to 36 goals. Hopefully, with a full year in our new tactic we can push that goal count up next season. Coupe de la Ligue - Knocked out in 1st Round Not much to say here, we were deservedly knocked out in the first round with our goal being an injury time consolation. I'd like to see us do better next year as the prize money in this competition is fantastic. French Cup - Knocked out in the 11th Round A great campaign saw us comfortable get past 4 lower league teams and set up a big money tie away to PSG. We played fantastically in the game, and through deserved our 1-0 lead at half time. In the end, their quality showed out to get them the equaliser and we could keep up with them in extra-time. However, the game did earn us £600k in gate receipts which accounts for all our profits this season. Key Performers Nicolas Guinot (YP21A) (GK) - Guinot has usurped Maubleu as our starting goalkeeper now, and has become the best player in the squad if my assistant manager is to be believed. The biggest question is can I keep hold of him, I'm sure there will be interest this summer! Cherubin Kouyombo (YP19D) (DR) - The move back to right back has really agreed with Kouyombo as he's had his best season so far. He's got plenty of potential, it would be nice to see some improvement in his technical abilities. Maxime Spano (DC) - Spano continues to be one of the stars of out side. At 29 years-old, hopefully, he still has a few more years of performing at a high level for us. He's been our Fans' player of the season for the last two years. Sofian Belbey (MC) - Belbey continues to impress as our playmaker in the middle of the field. He didn't reach the goal and assist number as last season, but he does a great job of getting the ball to our attacking players outside of that. Yacouba Traore (YP20F) (AMR) - Traore is another player who has really excelled in our new formation. He lead the team in goals in Ligue 2, although Diallo did score more overall. He also managed to create 7 goals. Mohamed Alami (YP19J) (AML) - I've finally managed to Alami involved in the first team and he's had a solid season for us as well. With a professional mentality and good physical stats, hopefully he can improve those mental and technical stats and become a real star for us. Bruno Diallo (YP19I) (ST) - Diallo has done pretty well as a lone striker having scored 14 goals in all competitions. We could do with him improving to around a 20 goal a season player if we want to make a real push up the table. Youth Watch Jesus Romero (YP20B) - Romero has established himself as our starting DL now and has had a pretty solid season for us. I'd like to see his crossing and dribbling improve to allow to really excel in his wing back role. Julien Guillaume (YP18C) - Guillaume is the starting centre back alongside Spano. He does a solid job there and is a pretty well rounded player. He never seems to attract much interest from bigger clubs so hopefully I can keep him around for a long time to come. Ousmane Salamanta (YP21F) - Salamanta is a great prospect at centre back. His 18 determination is great, and I'd love to develop him into a starter so I can use him as a tutor in a few years time. Jeremy Mahe (YP19C) - Jeremy Mahe doesn't seem to have made much progress over the last year, but he still has the potential to improve. Pierre Rougier (YP20D) - Like Mahe, Rougier doesn't seem to have made much progress. I really want him to grow into the successor for Belbey, but he needs to make some strides over the next couple of years for that to happen. Antoine Ollier (YP19H) - Ollier had a solid season playing as an AMR. I'm looking forward to following his progression over the next couple of years, although he may struggle to get into the first team ahead of Yacouba Traore. Habib Toure (YP17B) - Toure continues to be a solid, if unspectacular, player for us. He has had a run in the first team playing as our AMC, but he needs to improve to keep it in the long run. I'm regretting making him our captain given his determination of 6, I may look to make a change this summer. Kylian Jost (YP21G) - Jost is looking like a really solid option at AML. He will continue to back up Alami heading into next season, but he has the potential to take over the role is he can continue to develop well. Mathias Gunia (YP22B) - Gunia is the player to challenge Habib Toure for the starting AMC role. He got a few games this season when Toure got injured and didn't do too badly. I will likely look to rotate the two of them next season and see if either of them excel themselves. Ricardo Mendes (YP20G) - Mendes has been pretty good when he has stepped in for Diallo due to injuries. But, he hasn't quite shown enough to earn the ST spot when we have a healthy team. Club Overview My wage reductions, and a massive cup tie, ensured that we finished with a profit this season. Unfortunately to continue the profits we'll likely have to continue to sell players every year. I hope we post a loss next season as I really don't want to lose any of the youngsters we have at the moment. We'll be looking to get rid of a few of our experienced players this off-season. Coulibaly, Mohamed, and Cianci have all asked to move on, and as I pay them pretty high wages and don't use them I accepted their requests. Goals for Next Season We need to score more goals! If we can get an extra 10-15 goals a season, I really think we have a shot at the top half of the table at least. Also, I need to work out how to tighten up late in games when we have a narrow lead. If you listen to my assistant manager the majority of my players are only good enough for the division below us. I think this will be another year of (hopefully) developing players whilst not threatening for promotion. I need to avoid losing our star players if we really want to make progress in the long run.
  4. Grenoble Foot 38 - Youth Intake 2024 Another solid youth intake, although it doesn't look as deep as some of our recent intakes. We've broken the streak of 4 intakes with a great Goalkeeper prospect, we had too many anyway so it's nice to get some other positions instead. I'm moving my formation from a 5-3-2 WB to a 4-2-3-1, so the wingers we have been getting in are going to be a lot more important for us over the next few seasons. Stephane Herve (MC) - Herve might be the most developed prospect I've had come through so far. He looks really good technically, which is a great change to the usual class of players we get in. I'll look to play him as a defensive minded central midfielder, and I'm really excited to get him into the first team squad as soon as he turns 16. Aurelien David (DM) - David is nowhere near as polished as Herve and likely won't be making an impact in the first team any time soon. I will look to develop him as an MC as I don't see using a DM any time soon. Franco Russo (AML) - Russo apparently has a ton of potential, but as of right now he doesn't look overly impressive. He's not especially quick and he doesn't have particularly impressive technical skills either. Hopefully in a couple of years time he will have improved a lot. Francois Dornier (ST) - Dornier looks like a good ST prospect. He has solid finishing for his age and some good composure. He needs to improve on his speed as, at 5'7", he's never going to be competitive in the air. I'll look to give him some sub appearances in the cups if I can next season.
  5. @Sanno11 - Amazing season mate! Best of luck in the Championship. Cullingworth looks like a really interesting prospect, those PPMs could lead to some interesting movement.
  6. Having an infuriating season at the moment. We've drawn 13 of 22 games played so far, including seven (7!!!) 1-1 draws where we took the lead /o\. That includes scoring in the 90th minute in one before conceding in 90+3 minute, and another game we conceded in the 90+2 minute.
  7. Great new idea for a challenge! I'm currently in the middle of a youth challenge, but I'd like to give this a go afterwards (if I even finish before FM18). I hope you get some interest in this one.
  8. @Muttley84 - Amazing mate! Congratulations on your success!
  9. It's going to be a long transfer window, two weeks in and I've had offers for 5 of my starting players!
  10. Grenoble-Foot 38 - End of Season Review 2022/23 Squad - Ligue 2 Table - Ligue 2 Results - French Cup Results - Coupe de la Ligue Results - Transfers - Finances Ligue 2 - 13th Defensively, we have been fantastic this season! Maubleu tied his career record with 17 clean-sheets Ligue 2. Unfortunately, we were fairly toothless going forward. We conceded a fantastic 35 goals, but we only scored 35 goals as well. However, we did manage to improve on last years 16th place and whilst we finished on a disappointing run of form we had secured safety with 5 games to go. That's now two years in a row of our form dropping off near the end of the season, it'd be nice to correct that to allow us to move further up the table and grab a little more in prize money and hopefully have a positive effect on our reputation as well. Coupe de la Ligue - Knocked out in the 2nd round For the first time we failed to make it to the 3rd round. Whilst not making it to the 3rd round isn't necessarily cause for disappointment every season, losing to newly promoted Clermont Foot was a disappointment. The prize money jumps are quite large between rounds and a tie against a Ligue 1 side could have gotten us a decent amount of gate receipts so it was definitely a big disappointment. French Cup - Knocked out in the 9th Round Again we made it to the 9th round and got a great big money tie against a Ligue 1 side. Monaco have finished 2nd to PSG every season so far and went on to beat PSG in the Coupe de la Ligue final this season. We really stood no chance in this game, they had 38 shots to our 3! Top Performers Brice Maubleu (GK) - Maubleu is still the key to our defense, and he just had his best season to date. In the league he managed 17 clean-sheets and only 32 goals conceded in 36 games. My coaches have just dropped his current ability to a decent Ligue 2 player from a good Ligue 2 player, but I suspect there has been no actual change in his ability as his statistics seem to be pretty static. Maxime Spano (DC) - Well into his prime, Spano is one of the best players in the squad. He's a fantastic defender, although I suspect his ratings may be a little inflated due to him playing the cover role which leads to a lot of interceptions. He should be able to play that role for a few years yet, and if his physical attributes start to decline I should be able to move him to a different role. Clement Dumas (YP19E) (DC) - Dumas has returned from his loan spell last season to quickly establish himself as a key player for us. He started off the year on the bench, but replaced Eric Vandenabeele before September was over. According to my assistant manager he's already the best player we have in the squad. I suspect I'll be in for a hard time keeping hold of him this summer. Sofian Belbey (MC) - Habib Toure picked up a lower back stress fracture early in the season which put him out for 2 months. Belbey seized his opportunity to take over the advanced playmaker role and was easily our best forward thinking player this season. His 7 goals are only one behind our top scorer (in fact he was the top scorer for a fair bit of the season) and he chipped in with 6 assists to boot. Yaya Fane (YP18D) (MC) - Fane is another young player who has returned from a loan spell and quickly established himself as a starting player for us. He predominantly plays as a central midfielder (defend) and his 11 yellow cards certainly show that. He has some nice potential to grow, but not enough to grow into a Ligue 1 player which might help us to keep him for the next few years. Bruno Diallo (YP19I) (ST) - Diallo has taken over the Target Man role from the retiring Belvito. He has had a solid season all in all. He scored 8 and created 3, and hopefully has a bit of room to improve over the next couple of years. Again, he doesn't have Ligue 1 potential so hopefully we can finally hang onto a young striker for a few seasons. Youth Watch Nicolas Guinot (YP21A) - With Maubleu remaining injury free for most of the season, Guinot only managed 6 appearance compared to 9 last year. He's attracting interest for a ton of Ligue 1 sides, and he may end up leaving as we have two or three more excellent prospects in goal. Julien Guillaume (YP18C) - Guillaume had a solid season as a starter alongside Spano and Dumas. He's firmly established as a starter for us now and hasn't attracted much interest thankfully. He appears to have potential to be a top Ligue 2 player, but not a Ligue 1 player. Cherubin Kouyombo (YP19D) - Kouyombo had a decent season as out WBR, he has now taken over for Cianci for the most part. Cianci still gets a decent amount of starts as the WBR role tends to lead to a lot of yellow cards and is a high intensity role. We've seen plenty of interest in Kouyombo, it may be hard to keep hold of him Jesus Romero (YP20B) - Romero complained about game time this season so I gave him a chance in the first team and he really shined. He's claimed the starting role now, although he has also been attracting plenty of interest from Ligue 1 sides. Jordan Martin (YP20H) - Martin is a solid utility player for the team, but one I'd rather avoid starting unless he can progress further over the next year or two. Pierre Rougier (YP20D) - Rougier is my preference for the advanced playmaker role in the long term. His progression so far has been quite slow despite him starting 26 games for us this season. He needs to improve a lot over the next couple of seasons or I can see him being overtaken by other options. Jeremy Mahe (YP19C) - Mahe is one of those players who could surpass Rougier. He's got a lot of potential, but again he has a lot of developing to do to stake a claim for a first team position. Nicolas Le Fur (YP18E) - Another good looking midfield prospect who probably should have got more game time than he did this season. Next season I think we will really start to phase out our ageing midfielders. Le Fur is currently in line for plenty of game time next year, likely as our box-to-box midfielder. Habib Toure (YP17B) - He lost his starting role through no fault of his own, but really Toure isn't the long term answer for us. I will look to keep him as a squad player for us, but I'd rather not rely on him as a starter for any long stretch. Yacouba Traore (YP20F) - Traore has taken over the poacher role since Robert Fabre has been sold. It wasn't plain sailing early on, he took 18 starts before scoring his first career goal in the French Cup and only finished with 6 goals, although he did chip in with 5 assists. His biggest issue is his low anticipation, you can see in the highlights where he's just half a second late to react to the ball and lets the defender get there before him. If he can improve that by a few points he'll grow into a fantastic player for us. Ricardo Mendes (YP20G) - Mendes has become our third choice striker now, although he doesn't really fit into either of the roles we currently use. He's got some decent potential though, so hopefully he'll be here for a long while yet. Club Overview We've haemorrhaged money this season, mostly thanks to the wage increases over the last two seasons and a lack of player sales this year. We aren't looking at getting facility upgrades in the next couple of seasons, but we've got a solid youth system that seems to be producing good players year-on-year. I'm going to look to cut the wage budget as much as possible, and hope we can get further in the cups to pick up some more prize money and gate receipts. Our attendances seem to have stabilised at around 5500 which is a bit disappointing, so I suspect we will lose money until we can get promoted unless we sell players each year. Goals for Next Season In the league I'd like to get back into the top half (read 10th) and see if we can't help our reputation grow a bit. Cup-wise, a nice run would be good for the finances but it will remain a secondary goal and a chance to develop some of our younger players. Hopefully we'll see some good development from our youngsters and avoiding selling too many of them. I'm going to look at developing some of the players Ligue 2 potential as well as the players with Ligue 1 potential. If we can develop good to great performers at this level who don't appear to be able to make the step up, we might actually be able to keep them and develop a squad with enough quality to challenge for promotion.
  11. @Dan BHTFC - Amazing commitment to this challenge, I hope you're rewarded soon with some big progress! @Kazushi80 - Congratulations on staying up comfortably! I feel your pain with the board selling players, although £30k seems a ridiculously low amount @Sanno11 - Great season, congratulations! Best of luck staying up next season. @brettney1980 - Looks like your going well in Russia! How are your facilities and youth setup doing?
  12. Grenoble Foot 38 - Youth Intake 2023 Another great youth intake, with more quality defenders to add to the squad. I would have liked to see a great striker prospect to develop, but if we can keep getting solid intakes we'll be able to stay in Ligue 2 at least. We still feel a long way off of challenging for promotion. Lyes Yessad (DC) - Another great central defender prospect, joins a long list of solid candidates in the squad. I even chose to sell one of our promising options in the summer as we just have to many to give enough game time to develop fully. We'll see how Yessad does over the next couple of years and hopefully getting him involved in the first team or loaned out to a fellow Ligue 2 side. Prince Matondo (DL) - Matondo looks like he could develop into a great attacking WB for us, he's got a solid base across all of his attributes. I'm excited to see whether I can develop him into a star player for us. Adama Diouf (AMC) - Diouf doesn't fit into our formation at the moment, but with us losing striker prospects and Belvito set to retire at the end of the season there is opportunities to change formations if a player can force himself onto the field. I will look to continue his development as a Shadow Striker for the time being. Kodjo Abass (MC) - Abass will be developed as a general central midfielder for now. Our original midfielders are heading towards retirement age now, so we will need some quality back-ups in the next couple of years. Hopefully, Abass can be one of them and push for a starting role. Karamoko Kean (GK) - After not producing any GK prospects over my first few seasons, we've now produced a fantastic prospect in each of the last 4 intakes. With Maubleu looking like he will be a great option for the next few years, we can now consider selling one or two of them if we receive some great bids. William Kouvinga (DC) - Probably the better of the two DC prospects I've tagged. His mental attributes are easily the best I've seen for a new prospect. He needs to work on his tackling and his physical attributes, but I'm hopefully he could compete for a starting role in the future.
  13. My board in their infinite wisdom has now sold Robert Fabre for £350k that can rise for disappointingly low £1.1 million. Has any one else had issues with not being able to protest transfers when you have multiple offers come in one the same day? I keep losing players thanks to this!
  14. Grenoble-Foot 38 - End of Season Review 2021/22 Squad - League Table - Ligue 2 Results - French Cup Results - Coupe de la Ligue Results - Transfers - Finances Ligue 2 - 16th We had a great first half of the season, we picked up 31 points before Christmas and were sitting as high as 6th place in Ligue 2 at one point. Over the first half of the season Robert Fabre really stepped up after we lost Amestoy, scoring 12 of his 14 league goals. After the new year was different story! Fabre only scored 2 goals, and the rest of the squad were equally woeful in front of goal. With Belvito now 35 years old, he has lost all semblance of speed and really isn't the player he once was. I need to keep him as a rotation option for the time being to allow him to continue to tutor our youngsters. We only picked up 16 points after the calendar turned into 2022, definite relegation form. The second half of the season was a slog, but after losing three starters over the summer we can't be too disappointed with how the season went. Hopefully we can avoid such a disappointing run of form next year. For some reason our fans seem to be under the impression we were relegated though. Coupe de la Ligue - Knocked out in 3rd Round Another year of reaching the third round, and another season of being knocked out by Montpellier. I'm happy with this run again, and making another £300k in prize money. French Cup - Knocked out in 9th Round In a re-match of our 9th Round tie from 2 years ago, we got ourselves a big money tie against Lyon. We defended well to hold them to 1 goal, but we did pose any threat going forward which was a little disappointing. On the plus side, we did sell out our 20,000 seater stadium for the first time in my time here. Top Performers Brice Maubleu (GK) - Maubleu continues to be one of the keys to our success. Our young prospects are still aren't up to his level, so I expect he'll remain the starter here for a couple more years at least. Yassin Mohamed (WBL) - After Clerc left this summer, Mohamed returned to his starting role and has again proved his value to the club. His 9 assists, including 8 in the league, lead the team. Hugo Cianci (WBR) - Cianci continues to be a key player for us despite reaching the age of 32 this season. He is going to need to be rotated in the coming years as his role requires a lot of stamina to get up and down the pitch. Sofian Belbey (MC) - Belbey stepped into the starting line-up to replace the departed Horjak, and he's had a solid season bouncing around the three different roles we use in the centre of midfield. He's just turned 24, but his low determination means I can't really use him as a tutor unfortunately. Robert Fabre (YP19A) (ST) - Over the first half of the season he was fantastic and proved to be an excellent replacement for Amestoy. The second half of the season was worrying, but hopefully we can be a little more consistent next season. Fingers-crossed I can avoid losing him this summer, he's already attracting interest from Ligue 1 sides! Youth Watch Nicolas Guinot (YP21A) - A promising first season for Guinot, conceding 9 goals and keeping 3 clean sheets in 9 games. He managed to get 9 first team appearance this season, playing some cup games and some league games when Maubleu was injured and after we clinched safety. Julien Guillaume (YP18C) - Guillaume earned himself a starting role in the centre of defence this season. Like most of the squad he had a pretty disappointing league campaign, but hopefully he can improve next season. Cherubin Kouyombo (YP19D) - Kouyombo has come on leaps and bounds this season and is really pushing Cianci for the starting WBR role. I need to get rid of his 'Dwells on the Ball' trait, but I'm excited to see how he can do next year when I expect him to split time pretty equally with Cianci. Jesus Romero (YP20B) - Romero is our top development option at WBL. He's done ok in limited opportunities, hopefully we can give him some more opportunities next season. Habib Toure (YP17B) - The first of two players I've tagged after ignoring initially. Toure is growing into a solid playmaker for us, he's currently splitting time fairly evenly with Coulibaly and he should be able to take over the role full time as Coulibaly begins to decline. Pierre Rougier (YP20D) - Rougier is another promising playmaker. In the long term he could be better than Toure, I'm very excited about his potential! Bruno Diallo (YP19I) - Diallo has quietly developed into a solid, if slightly undersized, Target Man. He has now exceeded Belvito's ability and should get plenty of starts next season. Club Overview Thanks to the sale of our 3 young stars last summer we've managed to build up a healthy bank balance. Unfortunately, we've been losing money over the last few months. Increasing our Junior Coaching to an excellent level seems to be too much for us to handle, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts and hopefully we can earn more money elsewhere to make up for it. Goals For Next Season Survival will once again be the aim for us, we need to get some youngsters into the first team squad and avoid selling them if we want to make any real strides from here on out. Our original players are getting towards their mid-30s now, so decline is happening across the midfield and up-front in particular. Really, I need to get youngsters up to speed quickly or we could see ourselves relegated in the next 2 to 3 years. Whilst we try and develop youngsters as quickly as possible, I'd like to try and give my good tutors enough game time to be able to continue to use them to improve personalities, it's going to be a bit of a balancing act over the next season or two!
  15. Cheers guys! I tend to tag based on their potential ability, but my assistant manager seems to be a pretty bad at getting it right early on. Looks like I'll have a few more players to tag.
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