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  1. [Bug] Board Confidence

    I had really good board confidence, especially with finances. I reduced my wage budget so I could get my maximum transfer budget (just for fun in a bidding war) and suddenly my board are very miffed about the finances, depite the fact that I haven't spent any of it. I just reversed it back to massive wage budget and now the board are delighted again!
  2. Long list of issues/feedback

    Agree with it all, great list. 1 addition - Has anyone mentioned the commentary for penalty situations? 'What's it going to be?' - I'll tell you what it's going to be, the same thing it was the past hundred times. Any chance of 'he tells the player to get up', or 'waves play on'. Maybe this happens and I haven't seen it
  3. Old coach/scout reports

    Hi, I constantly seem to have old data floating around in my game. My 'top player' reports are always about players who have left. Scouted players and reports never seem to update. Is this a common problem? Thanks
  4. Scouting Other Regions

    yep I have this issue aswell. I found a load of suitable players from UK. Then did a Scandinavia search, supposedly found 34 suitable, but I couldn't see any apart from the old UK results *Sorry, this was android, only just saw forum title
  5. Old part of the game I miss

    Are their rumours from the press in the game? Odds would be be good (maybe only for the top jobs)? Interestingly, this brings no to another bit missing - managerial interviews? Potentially a terrible idea but... You could be asked about your focus titles/money/rebuilding. Or about your tactical approach (gung-ho, beautiful football etc.)
  6. Manager/Player interaction

    I hate the press conferences but I really like the chance to praise a player (through the profile screen) or interact with a manager in the same way. I definately don't want to do it every week, just now and again when i feel that its needed
  7. Using DoF in FMC?

    Doesn't he just manage your transfer targets? Never done nowt for me
  8. Surely you should be able to train a player outside of a match situation though? Can't see fergie sticking rooney at DC in a match situation
  9. i miss this. I am at Port Talbot, drew Afan Lido in the cup (local rivals). I really wanted to wind up their boss/team but it's not in FMC. So I 'got stuck in' and had a man sent off instead....and lost But at least I was content. any chance of it being introduced? I'm not a fan of team talks though.
  10. loved this. You shouldve activated Wales. If at 1st you don't succeed, go to Wales!
  11. Feeder clubs a bit rubbish in FMC?

    Agreed, my affiliate has no un-grey players and isnt in a recognisable league. surely no point?
  12. Classic Database size?

    Yeah but the problem has always been that Welsh clubs are restricted by scouting so you never get much talent from anywhere #frustrating
  13. Classic Database size?

    Any chance of it being an option in future to have large?
  14. Classic Database size?

    I'm playing with England,Wales, N Ireland and although the game is brilliant, I'm currently in Wales and there are hardly any players to sign. There needs to be much more available beyond just the welsh premier. anyone else with similar issues?