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  1. I had been successfully running EHM in full screen 1366x768. I went to play yesterday and noticed the game default to borderless windowed mode. When I attempted to change it back to full screen, the only option I get for resolution is 1024x768. Is this a bug or is there a fix to get "true" fullscreen back?
  2. FM15 database in FM14

    Is it possible to use an edited FM15 database in FM14? Specifically, I'm just looking for updated transfers to start a new career in FM14. Thanks in advance.
  3. With the new update it still will not allow me to play full screen. My display is 1366x768. I thought this would be fixed given the details of the changelog.
  4. windowed mode fix?

    I'm having the same problem......help plz.
  5. Worthless Assman

    Good stuff. Thanks Johny.
  6. Worthless Assman

    Since it's been a few matches and no change I'll just have to start making him scout my opponents. Hopefully the reports will include some of the smaller details like the weak foot suggestions.
  7. Worthless Assman

    I did. Seems reasonable, although i don't remember if I had patched to 9.3.0 during the second assman. Never thought I'd say it but - I'm lost without him....
  8. So I had a really good Assistant Manager in season 1 and he eventually left for another job as I couldn't afford him anymore. His most valuable contribution would be his tactical recommendations such as "showing [insert player here] onto his weaker foot." I've hired 2 ass mans since then and neither is providing me with this information (or much else for that matter). I originally thought it was due to a low tactical rating but my recently hired assman has a fairly high tactical rating but in pre match he has "nothing particular to add." Any reason this might be happening? Do I need to ask him somewhere to provide input? All he gives me prematch is information about how our new signings are adjusting. Do I need to send him out to scout these clubs or does he not provide much info because he is new and really doesn't know my opponents very well? Even for random clubs during cup matches my original assman would be a wealth of knowledge about clubs we've never played against....
  9. MK Dons 3 (me) - Leyton Orient 3 Came back from 2 down with only 10 men.
  10. Abusive Red Card

    I've seen a yellow given after one my defenders "strongly" disagreed with an offside call. Or so it seemed anyway.
  11. CM poor ratings in 4-1-2-1-2

    I'm having the same issue. Once in while I'll get a 6.8 or 7.2 (only if they assist on a goal it seems) from my MC's but usually they are between 5.9 and 6.2 regardless of my mixing and matching of players. Very frustrating.
  12. Hey all. Fairly new to the PC version of FM but I was wondering if there an all encompassing website for the latest kits, badges, logos, etc. or even a megapack that includes all? Thanks in advance.